Thursday, October 22, 2009

Kushiyaki Azuma: East meets West (Sugar Hit)

I have heard a lot of about the Sugar Hit at Kushiyaki Azuma. This is one of the new eatery offers Sugar Hit this year. Japanese sweets is one of my favourite. Remembering when I was travelling in Japan, their sweets are not just satisfying my stomach but also my eyes!! Every time when you walk past their glass cabinet, you will want to order their whole selection!! After dinner at nearby Wagaya, Photo Enthusiast, Gentle J and I took a slow walk to Kushiyaki Azuma. There was a couple in front of us got turned down. Lucky we have booked ahead otherwise we will be disappointed as well. We didn't wait for too long for our table. They have even prepared a Sugar Hit menu!! So far, this is the only one who have one. Similar to other Sugar Hit, they include either the Brown Brothers 2008 Orange Muscat and Flora or Hennessy VS. The dessert wine is easy drinking. It has a refreshing floral taste to it. The Hennessy VS has a smoky taste.
Left: Brown Brothers 2008 Orange Muscat and Flora; Right: Hennessy VS

We have posed for awhile and our dessert still not yet arrived. When the dessert finally arrived, there is two square boxes to each serving. I am always amaze with the presentation of the Japanese food. The waitress carefully explained what each of the dessert is. After a few snaps, we all start munching in.
Left: Belgium chocolate mousse cake; Right: Vanilla cheesecake

I have been so wrong to start off with the Belgium chocolate mousse cake where there is a vanilla cheesecake which is not as strong in favour. The Belgium chocolate mousse cake is so rich in chocolate and it's as smooth as it can be! As I said before, my taste bud still has the chocolate taste, I cannot taste the vanilla cheesecake. Somehow, my vanilla cheesecake was still frozen when I ate toward the centre of the cake.
Clockwise: Mochi with vanilla ice cream; Brown sugar syrup; Green tea with chestnut filling cake roll; Seaweed biscuits

The green tea cake roll with chestnut filling is a very interesting one. Normally Japanese green tea favour will go with the red bean. This time they used chestnut instead. The sponge cake is full of green tea favour and the chestnut is not those creamy type. They mashed the real chestnut to make the fillings. Although I am not a big fan of chestnut but I quite like it! By the time I was ready to try the mochi with vanilla ice cream, the ice cream has melted as if the mochi was soaked with milk! They even let you mix your own sweetness. The brown syrup is served with a setup cup which is a big plus for me!! I don't really syrup very much. So many piece of cake have I gone through... still have two seaweed biscuits to go!!

It's not just taste good but really good value for money! I will definitely go back to their Patisserie to try their cakes again.

Note: Sugar Hit is available only during October month. Booking is essential.

Kushiyaki Azuma

Ground Floor, Regent Place Shopping, 501 George Street, Sydney NSW
Phone (02) 9267 7775

Monday, October 19, 2009

Hilton Sydney: Chocolate Assiette (Sugar Hit)

The long anticipated Sugar Hit at Hilton finally arrived. We were supposed to go there last week but this Sugar Hit is so good that they were fully booked. This time is also coincided with Tigger A & Cheeky B baptism celebration.
Glass Brasserie

Once our group has been settled down, the waiter came and check up whether we want to replace the Hennessy cognac with tea or coffee. Since I enjoy the cognac more than the tea or coffee, I did not want to replace it! :) First the cognac arrived, ohoh... just remembered that I have to drive so I cant drink the cognac. But I can only imagine how good the cognac taste like!! ;)
Hennessy Cognac

It did not take too long for the chocolate assiette to arrive... not sure if this is because I was busy taking photos and checking up the camera setting etc!
Chocolate Assiette

My first bite was the Earl Grey tea ice cream rolled in cookies and cream biscuit with white chocolate and pandan parfait. I don't know what's the word to describe it. The combination is just so brilliant!!!

Left: Earl Grey tea ice cream rolled in cookies and cream biscusit with white chocolate and pandan parfait; Right: Chocolate fondant

Then I was onto the raspberry marshmallow bitter chocolate fondue. I love bitter chocolate. The sourness of the fresh raspberry balances out the bitterness of the chocolate.
Raspberry marshmallow bitter chocolate fondue

Finally the chocolate fondant. This is the heaviest chocolate piece out of the three but it is also very nice. I was so melted in the chocolate. Arr... what a way to finish the night!!Once again, congratulation to Tigger A & Cheeky B on your baptism. Your testimony is really encouraging. Keep up with your good work!!

Side note: our group is more than 10 people and they have a 10% surcharge on the bill. Booking is essential. They serve the Sugar Hit from 9pm to 11pm.

Glass Brasserie
Level 2, Hilton Hotel, 488 George Street, Sydney NSW
Phone 02 9265 6068

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sushi e (Let's Do Lunch)

Meeting Little S for the Let's Do Lunch. We have been to last year Sydney International Food Festival. We come back to try out others. Our first one this year is Sushi e which is located inside the Establishment Complex on George Street. I have been seated at the lounge for the Let's Do Lunch.

The Let's Do Lunch at Sushi e menu offers three choices: grilled lobster, wagyu beef and miso cod. However, we have all chosen the grilled lobster. It also included either a glass of wine or beer. Since I just came from a wet windy weather, I think a cup of hot green tea would be just nice! :D
Green Tea

May be we really want to go back to work, the food seems to take a long time to come... Finally the food arrived. After taking a few snaps and we all munching in...

Right balance of the mozzarella on the lobster which didn't cover the lobster tastes. The tomato is refreshing.
Complimentary Raspberry Panna Cotta

It also came with a complimentary raspberry panna cotta. What a nice way to finish the meal! :)

Sushi e
Level 4, 252 George Street, Sydney NSW
Phone (02) 92540 3000

Monday, October 5, 2009

Shangri-La Hotel: Hazelnut Delight (Sugar Hit)

Today I was suppose to go to Bowral for the Tulip Time. Unfortunately, the weather forecast says that there will be thunderstorm. The organiser has cancelled the event... so staying at home relaxing... and preparing myself to work after a long weekend. On the side note, there was no rain at all in the morning but in fact sunny. The thunderstorm came around 4-5pm... which we might already back in Sydney. :(

Miss 1000D called up and says, "let's go to Sugar Hit tonight". How can I resist such an offer? Didn't have a chance to take the flowers in the morning, now another chance to pick up my camera and take photos of dessert... what a substitute!! :p

When we arrived at Shangri-La Hotel, we went to their Lobby Lounge where they serve Sugar Hit. We have the option to choose Brown Brothers dessert wine or Hennessy cognac. Last year I have fall in love with cognac... so I have chosen the cognac and the rest of the group chose the dessert wine.
Brown Brothers Dessert Wine & Hennessy Cognac

Waited not long, the Hazelnut Delight finally came. Since we were still waiting for some other late comers, we, the photographers, took our time to take the best picture out of this dish! :D It s also to make up the disappointment of the cancelled Bowral trip.
Hazelnut Delight

The hazelnut delight is hazelnut torte, lemon curd, sugar coated hazelnuts and lemon jelly. However, when the dish came, the sugar coated hazelnuts went missing. Instead they put the sticky hard popcorn on top of the torte.

The hazelnut torte was missing the nutty favour and the lemon centre which take up most of the favour. Overall the torte is a bit sweet for me. Interestingly the lemon jelly looks and tastes like some soft jelly from the packet. :O It also lack of lemon taste.

This is a disappointing first Sugar Hit this year. But the good old cognac still tastes good! :) I guess I have to wait for more comment from others before I am going to try out more.

Shangri-La Hotel
Sydney Lobby Lounge

176 Cumberland Street
The Rocks NSW
Phone 02 9250 6000