Sunday, July 25, 2010

Luxe Espresso, Newtown

We always go to the coffee shop next door and notice this cafe Luxe Espresso and would like to try this out one day. Since the weather wasn't good for cycling, we changed our plan to have brunch to this long waited cafe. :)

There are two communal tables and a few smaller tables. We were seated at the communal table to fit us all. :)

I have to quickly order a cup coffee to give myself a wake up boost. Although the coffee is not as good as the one I had next door, but it has done its job! Nice!

 Chicken (Sorry forgot what I've ordered)

Since the cafe is packed with customers, our food has taken its time to come. Finally our sandwiches has arrived. I quickly dig into it. Of course it's after being photo taken! :D

Wagyu Sandwiches

My friend ordered Wagyu Sandwiches which she found it's like corned silverside? :p

Scramble Eggs with Sourdough. Extra sausage and mushroom

My other friend has ordered the scramble eggs with sourdough with extra sausage and mushroom. 

Banana Bread

With our sweet tooth, we shared the banana bread. The waitress recommended us without toasting it. It is the nicest banana bread I ever had! It is not feel as oily and heavy as others. I am sure I will go back for more. 

Before I go, I have got myself a few of the sourdough and rye bread! :)

Luxe Espresso
195 Missenden Road
Newtown NSW  

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Azuma Patisserie, Sydney (2)

After a long working day over the weekend, I would like to treat myself with something nice. As I walked passed Regent Place, I instantly thought of Azuma Patisserie.

Looking at their cake displaying cabinet. My eye is searching which one should I pick?? Since I haven't seen a chestnut tart somewhere else before, so this is my order! Although they didn't made with chestnut cream only, they stuffed with whipped cream, but didn't feel it is too creamy. I have also tried hoji cha (焙じ茶). Hoji cha is roasted in a porcelain pot over charcoal. The roasting process gives it a caramelised flavour. It also lower the amount of caffeine in the tea.

Chestnut Tart & Hoji Cha

I saw a couple others who have ordered the green tea latte... I guess this will be on my list when I visit next! :)

Azuma Patisserie
Ground Floor, Regent Place Shopping
501 George Street
Sydney NSW 2000

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bourke Street Bakery, Alexandria

Drove past Bourke Street Bakery, Alexandria a lot time and never have a chance to go and try there food. 
 Ginger Burlee Tart

My friend has been highly recommended their Ginger Burlee Tart. Finally today I tried it!!

It is so delicious... the crusty top and the silky smooth burlee with a hint of ginger taste! When you have your first bite, you cant stop!! :)

Bourke Street Bakery
474 Gardeners Road
Alexandria NSW
(02) 8339 1001 

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Marque, Surry Hills

After our previous Friday lunch outing, we cannot wait for another Friday lunch in one of the awarded restaurant... Marque!!! We made a booking about a week in advance and we can only managed to get a table at 2pm. You can imagine how popular is that restaurant!! When I was trying to open the door, the waiter was there to open it for me. What a service! :) The interior of the restaurant is mainly in black and would be lovelier when dine at night. 

 Marque Prix Fixe

We have a choice of prix fixe or a la carte. May be the a la carte menu is a lot larger and bolder than the fixed price menu, we have once thought to go for the a la carte! However, we ended up stick with our decision to come here for the fixed price menu! 

The amuse-bouche is beautifully crafted. Why I said that? It is because the chef has cut open the egg shell!! 
 Salted Cod Soup with Mullet Roe

It then followed with our entree. I personally found it was a bit salty. Chef Sam said may be they have used the salted cod? 
 Roasted Flank Steak with Toffeed Tuscan Red & Potato

The main is flank steak. It is juicy and tender. It is to my surprise for such a quality of the beef can be so wonderful! I must also mentioned that the variety of form and shape of potatoes on this dish is brilliant. At first, I thought the flat sheet is pasta. When I tasted it, the texture is so...... CRISPY and I have to ask the waiter what is it? It is such a surprise!!! 
 Caramelised Creme

Before the dessert, the caramelised creme... it's so... SMOOTH. It just melted in your mouth!
 Apple Crumble

We did not have much expectation on Apple Crumble, such an ordinary dish. When the waiter brought out the crumble, we thought what is this? Where is the apple crumble? This is surely the highlight of the meal! 
 Inside the Apple Crumble

The outer layer of white chocolate covered the apple mousse and the crumble is surrounded the "bomb". 

What a meal, full of surprises! No wonder Mark Best is awarded as the Chef of the Year by SMH Good Food Guide 2010. He has creativity and heart to his food. 

4/5 355 Crown Street
Surry Hills NSW 2010
(02) 9332 2225 

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Miso, Sydney

When there is a long queue outside a restaurant, you will notice the restaurant and wondering why it is so good?? This is one the restaurant which take no booking and you have to sign in for your number to call. If you do not mind the wait, then it is a place where you will get value and quality of Teishoku. Teishoku come with your choice of main, miso soup and other small side dishes, such as pickle and salad.

I am meeting my friends at this restaurant around 8pm, glad that the queue is not too bad. It took us around half an hour before we have got our table for six of us. 

This restaurant offers three different teas, sencha, hoji cha and oolong tea. We have choosen the two different green tea, sencha and hoji cha to share among us.

 Chirashi Sushi & Tonkatsu Set

At that night I want a mix of sashimi and Tonkatsu so I have ordered a combo, Chirashi Sushi & Tonkatsu Set. The Tonkatsu is always cooked to perfection, not too oily! It also has a stand to maintain the crispiness.

 Chirashi Sushi & Wagyu Set

My friend ordered the Chirashi Sushi & Wagyu Set. I found the Wagyu is not as tender as it should be, but it's still nice. 

Unagi Bento

Another friend ordered the Unagi Bento. I am not a big fan of unagi (barbecued eel). It said their unagi is specially imported for this restaurant. I have not tried it but all my friends love their unagi.

Always very satisfying after their meal. Walking out the door with a big SMILE!! :)

*These photos were taken using my mobile phone

Shop 20, World Square Shopping Centre
644 George Street
Sydney NSW 2000
(02) 9283 9686

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Ben & Jerry's, Manly

I have first heard this name when I was travelling in Canada, Prince Edward Island. People in my tour were waving about it. I did not have a chance to try it while I was there. Now finally they are here in Sydney Australia. It just happened that I was at Manly... so I have to try them out!

The ice cream counter showing a lot of variety and I cannot make up my mind which one to pick for! Finally my eyes locked in... Phish Food... because of its interesting name! :)

Phish Food 

The ice cream is chewy, sticky and rich in chocolate taste. It also has the fish shape chocolate to make it crunchy too. :) It satisfied my craving for chocolate, nice!! Now I know why they were waving about it.

Ben & Jerry's Scoop Shop
Shop 5 & 6
25-27 South Steyne
Manly NSW 2100