Sunday, July 25, 2010

Luxe Espresso, Newtown

We always go to the coffee shop next door and notice this cafe Luxe Espresso and would like to try this out one day. Since the weather wasn't good for cycling, we changed our plan to have brunch to this long waited cafe. :)

There are two communal tables and a few smaller tables. We were seated at the communal table to fit us all. :)

I have to quickly order a cup coffee to give myself a wake up boost. Although the coffee is not as good as the one I had next door, but it has done its job! Nice!

 Chicken (Sorry forgot what I've ordered)

Since the cafe is packed with customers, our food has taken its time to come. Finally our sandwiches has arrived. I quickly dig into it. Of course it's after being photo taken! :D

Wagyu Sandwiches

My friend ordered Wagyu Sandwiches which she found it's like corned silverside? :p

Scramble Eggs with Sourdough. Extra sausage and mushroom

My other friend has ordered the scramble eggs with sourdough with extra sausage and mushroom. 

Banana Bread

With our sweet tooth, we shared the banana bread. The waitress recommended us without toasting it. It is the nicest banana bread I ever had! It is not feel as oily and heavy as others. I am sure I will go back for more. 

Before I go, I have got myself a few of the sourdough and rye bread! :)

Luxe Espresso
195 Missenden Road
Newtown NSW  

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