Thursday, July 14, 2011

Hyde Park Barracks Cafe, Sydney

It feels like as if you are tourist when you stepped inside the Hyde Park Barracks. However, I am here for the cafe as it is close to where I work. Sadly, I am going back to work after brunch on a weekend! :( Before my battle, I think I should reward myself for some nice food.
Jasmine Tip
They have a wide range of beverages selection. It took me awhile whether to go for tea or coffee. At the end I have gone for a green tea, jasmine tip.  
French Toast 
The french toast (golden French toast with Camp maple syrup, mascapone and strawberries)  is pefectly balanced. It is not too sweet. 

Savoury Ricotta Hot Cakes
Savoury ricotta hot cakes with smoked salmon and drill creme friache took around 20 minutes to make. The wait is all worth it... it is so divine!!

It is a nice start of the day... now I have to go back to my "battlefield". :(

Hyde Park Barracks Cafe
Queens Square
Hyde Park Barracks 
(02) 9222 1815