Sunday, September 25, 2011

Bills, Darlinghurst

How do you normal start your day? Today I start off with a very nice breakfast at Bills, Darlinghurst.
Sweet Corn Fritters with Roast Tomato, Spinach and Bacon; Side - Avocado Salsa
The avocado salsa is so yummy and goes well with the corn fritters.
Scrambled Eggs with Sourdough Toast, Bacon and Button Mushrooms with Garlic Confit
The scramble eggs is so creamy and you wanna have more.
Ricotta Hotcakes with Fresh Banana and Honeycomb Butter
Out of the three, ricotta hotcakes is slightly not as good as others. But it is still a good way to start a day! :)
Hot Chocolate
When they bring this hot chocolate, I thought this is very interesting hot chocolate. After a deep look and found they use chocolate chip instead of syrup. Nice!

Bills, Darlinghurst
433 Liverpool Street,
Darlinghurst NSW
(02) 9360 9631

Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Cut Bar & Grill, The Rocks

Miss iCon will soon leave Sydney for good and we want to eat a few more nice places before she goes. We decided to go to The Cut Bar and Grill at The Rocks.
The Cut Bar and Grill
The restaurant is located at the lower level of a heritage Argyle building.
Cured Meats Plate: Viande des Grisons - Air Dried Beef; Serrano Jamon de Jabujanes Gran Reserva; Prosciutto di San Danielle
Kingfish Carpaccio with Radish and Capers
We started off with some entrees, Cured Meats Plate and Kingfish Carpaccio.
Tasmanian Wilderness Grass Feed - New York Sirloin
4-Hour Slow Roast Sher F1 Wagyu Standing Rib - Standard Cut
Then comes the main we are looking for... STEAK!! The 4 Hour slow roast is served from its Wagyu trolley. It cooked to perfection. No wonder it is their famous dish!!! Yum...
Fried Rosemary Potatoes with Prosciutto; Steamed Green Peas, Onion and Mint
I also love their fried rosemary potatoes with prosciutto. The potatoes is so creamy and full of the rosemary aroma.
Fried Cauliflower Salad
As we were so full, we have skipped our dessert. I'll miss all the fun eating with you! All the best my dear friend.

The Cut Bar & Grill
16 Argyle Street
The Rocks NSW
(02) 9259 5695

Monday, September 12, 2011

Blancharu, Elizabeth Bay

Today is Mid-Autumn Festival. It is normally where family gathering together for dinner then eat moon cakes and play lantern afterwards. My family dinner is at Blancharu. We have chosen the 7 course degustation.

After our order taken, we were served with small bread rolls, French onion or sourdough. The French onion bread roll has a right balance of onion taste.
Aburi Ocean Trout with Macedoine Salad and Dill Pesto
Shortly after our first entree is served. It is a very interesting start and looking forward to what will follow.

Second entree is chicken terrine, Tikuzen style. (Sorry forgot to take a picture of it)
Clam Broth with Carrot Flan 
We have to mix up the flan at the bottom to eat with the broth together.
Mushroom and Sweetbread Pie with Balsamic Sauce
This is deconstructed pie. The pastry is crispy and it is very interesting to try sweetbread. It is very tender.
Possion Du Jour is Pan Fried Barramundi with Garlic Butter and Cauliflower
This dish somehow gave a bitterness taste to it. 
Wagyu Beef Tenderloin, Cassava Root, Bordelaise Sauce, Wasabi Power
Never had cassava root before, first thought it is some kind of potato chip. The texture is harder than potato. 
Dessert Du Jour is Cheesecake with Passionfruit sorbet
Finishes off with a cheesecake and my favourite passionfruit sorbet... yum yum!! :D
Moon Cakes - Lotus Seed with Egg Yolk
We finished off with moon cakes at home. :) Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!!!

Shop 1, 21 Elizabeth Bay Road
Elizabeth Bay NSW
(02) 9360 3555