Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ramen-kan at Haymarket

For a quick Japanese meal, I will normally choose ramen. This time we have picked Ramen-kan. Their entrance is really hard to find... especially their signage does not show where the entrance is! This time is even worst, their lift was not working!!! We took the staircase to walk a level up... lucky it was just a level!! :( When we were there, there is no queue, hooray!! Normally there is a long queue waiting, not sure if it is because of the lift? Since we have a large group of people, we still have to wait for half an hour for our table!!

Finally our table is ready. I grabbed the menu and check out what to order. Since I love noodles, I have chosen the crab and corn ramen. However, most of others either a rice dish or salad (due to they are on special diet for a special day). At that night, it is under staff, we have to get our own drinking water from the counter. I am also quite disappointed with the cup for the drinking water... the cup is not dry... feel like someone just rinsed it and put them back to the counter!! The food finally arrived... the salmon salad looks as good as it taste. The salmon is so fresh. The greens are so crisp! The only complaint is that it is just too small!!
Salmon Salad

Gyu don & karage cheese rice have also arrived. They did not share the experience with me... as at they sat too far away from me.
Gyu don

Karage Cheese Rice

I have waited and waited for my Ramen. It finally came, but not the one I ordered!!! I was like... huh... waited for so long... and gave me a wrong order? The correct ramen came, but the ramen is not fully cooked!! The ramen is still stuck together as one gluey dough. :(
Crab & Corn Ramen

It was not a very experience for me tonight. No wonder all my friends chose rice dishes over ramen! But then, this place is called "Ramen"-kan... shouldn't they make ramen the best?


Level 1, 90 Hay Street, Haymarket NSW

Phone (02) 9211 6677

Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Good Way to Start the Day

One of a good way to start my day is to have a nice breakfast at a beachside cafe. I went to a cafe at Coogee Beach to start my great day... walking to and from Coogee to Bondi and back!!! Didn't quene up for long, our table is ready. Strangely I didn't order a coffee but a mixed berry frappe. :p The scramble egg on toast is just too good. The eggs aren't too soft and it's creamy. :) They uses free range eggs and comes with roasted tomatoes.
Scramble Eggs on Sourdough Toast with Roasted Tomato

Sausage and Scramble Eggs with Roasted Tomato and Sourdough Toast

How would you start your day?

62 Carr Street, Coogee NSW
Phone (02) 9665 5546
Open 7 days, 7am to 11pm
Note: 10% surcharge applies on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Cafe C'Ya, Sydney

Love the name of this hideaway Korean restaurant. It is a cosy small restaurant hiding behind George Street.

I love their side dishes (banchan)... especially their seaweed marinated in sweet vinegar (miyeok muchim). It's not too sour and it's just right! The chestnut cake... you can just slide them in. :) One good thing when you go to Korean restaurant, these side dishes are free as well as you can refill them! Of course I have second round of these dishes!!
Various Banchan

One of my favourite dish is the seafood pancake (haemul jeon). It is a balance of shallot and seafood in the pancakes. It's also not too good greasy. Their dipping sauce goes really well with it. It has the right balance of soy sauce, vinegar and chili pepper power.
Haemul Jeon

We have also ordered the Dolsot Bibimpap with fried egg (It normally served raw). The rice is served in a stone grilled bowl with sauteed and seasoned vegetables and chili pepper paste. It was just so nice to have it in a cold chilling night!
Dolsot Bibimpap

This grilled beef ribs (galbi) at this restaurant is grilled at the kitchen for you. You wont have the smokey feeling after you have eaten there.

Yes I will definitely c'ya again! :D

Cafe C'ya
600-612 George Street, Sydney NSW
Phone 9264 7576

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Roti Bom at Mamak

One late night, I was hungry and my friend called and asked "Let's go to Mamak for supper!". Obviously, I wouldn't say no to such an offer. So I quickly got myself ready and went to the restaurant.

As you may read my previous blog, I was indecisive as to which sweet roti should I get. This time I will pick the other one, Roti Bom! I was told that it needs to wait for at least 20 minutes. I was so eager to taste this roti, so of course I said, "It's fine!".

We chatted for awhile and the roti bom came!
Roti Bom

This is the sweet version of roti canai. The roti is like spreaded with syrup to make it sticky and chewy. One bad thing about this is it will stuck to your teeth! :O After trying most of their sweet roti, I prefer roti kaya out of them. :)

Mamak15 Goulburn Street, Sydney NSW

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Baked Ricotta Cheesecake, Haberfield

As I drove past Haberfield, I remembered the baked ricotta cheesecake which is highly recommended by my colleague. It has also recently reviewed by Sydney Morning Herald as one of the top cheesecake shop. I have to quickly find myself a car park near the shop.
Pasticceria Papa

Lucky there wasn't a queue at the shop. I browsed through the cake display and checked if I missed out some other goodies. Thinking back of my mind, I have to consider my waistline. I just placed an order for a piece of the cheesecake and a cup of green tea.

Their cheesecake is different to others. It is covered with icing sugar and cinnamon. The cheese filling is cover with baked sponge cake and the filling is soft and gooey. When I put a bite in my mouth, I cant use any word to describe it. I am sure I will come back for more. :) The green tea is organic type. It is good to wash down the cheesecake.

Baked Ricotta Cheesecake

How can I miss this opportunity to go to another Pasticceria to try their goodies? Browsing their display, it is not as nicely display as Pasticceria Papa, but still attracted me to buy their almond biscuits to try at home. Unfortunately, I didnt try a piece before my dad finishes them all for me!! :O Now I have to imagine how good each one of them taste like by looking at this photo.

Variety of Almond Biscuits

Pasticceria Papa Continental Cakes & Bread
145 Ramsay Street, Haberfield NSW
Phone (02) 9798 6894

A & P Sulfaro Pasticceria Italiana
119 Ramsay Street, Haberfield NSW

Phone (02) 9797 0001

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Cupcakes Night

Today is my friend's birthday. She prefers to have cupcakes instead of the normal birthday cake. I placed an order to her favourite cupcake shop so that we will get her choice of cakes! This year her cakes are limited to chocolate, so I have ordered, Rocky Road, Strawberry & Chocolate, Cookies & Cream, Dark Chocolate, Tiramisu and Chocolate Sundae.
The cupcake is only $2 each. However, it also comes in a smaller version than the others. Basically, it is a bite size. These cupcakes are a lot nicer than the previous one that I tried which tastes like plastic and fake. These cakes are moist and full of chocolate taste. Next time I know I will only pick the chocolate range! :D

Cupcakes on Pitt
Sydney CBD: Shop 2, 323-327 Pitt Street, Sydney NSW and 61 York Street, Sydney NSW
Other stores are at Parramatta and Chatswood

Flame Grilled PERi-PERi Chicken

I walked past Nando's at World Square and I can smell their flame grilled chicken. I was thinking... Peri Peri sauce... should I get one, should I get one? While I was thinking, my legs were already walking toward the cashier and about to order!! hahaha...

While waiting for the chicken ready, the wall shows how did Peri-Peri discover. It was introduced to the Portuguese explorers by the African. The African called it Pili-Pili but the Portuguese unable to pronounce it and transform to their version, Peri-Peri. This name has been used until now.

Finally the chicken is ready. When I opened the takeaway box, I can smell the Peri-Peri and a little bit burnt chicken. :) Inside the takeaway box, it shows different part of chicken that they made. It also "free" of so many things, which I didn't know, interesting read! :O
Here is my meal, whole chicken with mild Peri-Peri sauce. It is just nice!! :)

I also made myself some garden salad to go with the chicken. Ummm... full! :D

Shop 9.19, World Square Shopping Centre, 644 George Street, Sydney
Phone (02) 9283 6444