Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ramen-kan at Haymarket

For a quick Japanese meal, I will normally choose ramen. This time we have picked Ramen-kan. Their entrance is really hard to find... especially their signage does not show where the entrance is! This time is even worst, their lift was not working!!! We took the staircase to walk a level up... lucky it was just a level!! :( When we were there, there is no queue, hooray!! Normally there is a long queue waiting, not sure if it is because of the lift? Since we have a large group of people, we still have to wait for half an hour for our table!!

Finally our table is ready. I grabbed the menu and check out what to order. Since I love noodles, I have chosen the crab and corn ramen. However, most of others either a rice dish or salad (due to they are on special diet for a special day). At that night, it is under staff, we have to get our own drinking water from the counter. I am also quite disappointed with the cup for the drinking water... the cup is not dry... feel like someone just rinsed it and put them back to the counter!! The food finally arrived... the salmon salad looks as good as it taste. The salmon is so fresh. The greens are so crisp! The only complaint is that it is just too small!!
Salmon Salad

Gyu don & karage cheese rice have also arrived. They did not share the experience with me... as at they sat too far away from me.
Gyu don

Karage Cheese Rice

I have waited and waited for my Ramen. It finally came, but not the one I ordered!!! I was like... huh... waited for so long... and gave me a wrong order? The correct ramen came, but the ramen is not fully cooked!! The ramen is still stuck together as one gluey dough. :(
Crab & Corn Ramen

It was not a very experience for me tonight. No wonder all my friends chose rice dishes over ramen! But then, this place is called "Ramen"-kan... shouldn't they make ramen the best?


Level 1, 90 Hay Street, Haymarket NSW

Phone (02) 9211 6677

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