Thursday, November 26, 2009

Campos Coffee, Newtown

You haven't tried an affogato until you try one at Campos Coffee Newtown. The entrance of this coffee shop can be easily missed. If Missy C didn't suggest to go here for a coffee, I will miss out such a wonderful cup of beverage or dessert or whatever you wanna call it! :)

They have their ice-cream frozen in the cup before adding the coffee. The bitterness from the coffee and the sweetness from the vanilla ice-cream balances out. It is really nice and for sure this is not just the only one! :)

They also serve other type of coffee. One of my favourite mocha. :) You can also buy their coffee home. However, one bad thing about this place is that their opening hours is a bit short. ;)

Campos Coffee
193 Missenden Road, Newtown NSW 2042
Phone 02 9516 3361
Opening hours: Monday to Friday 7am - 4pm and Saturday 8am to 5pm.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Azuma Patisserie, Sydney

After the Sugar Hit last month, Miss J and I would like to try Azuma Patisserie for their other desserts. Today Miss J was craving for cake and I had a tiring week, so we decided to go there for desserts!

Miss J ordered the mix green tea yoghurt ice cream and Azuma blended green tea. I have ordered a green tea mousse cake and also Azuma blended green tea. They have a deal for both cake and hot drink for $9.50.

The green tea yoghurt ice cream has a bit of sour taste, but it is not a strong one. It also comes with diced strawberry and cereal. My green tea mousse cake is a layers cake. It has a layer of red bean and the bottom layer is a strong chocolate base. May be the chocolate is so strong which covered the green tea taste.

The Azuma blended green tea is a genmaicha (brown rice tea). It is a good compliment to my cake. However, at the end, the tea has become bitter.

Forgot to take my camera, no photo available, may be next time! :p

Azuma Patisserie
Ground Floor, Regent Place Shopping, 501 George Street, Sydney NSW

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Menya Noodle Bar, Sydney

This is one of my favourite place for a quick and easy meal. I just love their ramen or noodles. Their ramen is always, using Italian expression, al dente! Yum yum!! :) The restaurant at CBD is more relax and causal dining where you have to order and pay first. Your order will bring to you. Where as the restaurant at Circular Quay is more of a full service restaurant. The menu is also slight different between the two. I come to this restaurant too often and never take any photos of the food I ate. Just because today I brought my camera, let me introduce some of food which they have.
Menya Ramen with Tonkotsu soup base

Menya ramen has 4 different choices of soup base: shoyu, miso, natural (salt), tonkotsu. My favourite one is the tonkotsu. The tonkotsu is only available at the CBD branch.
Tsuke men

Tsuke men is good if you don't feel like a bowl of hot soup ramen. The dipping sauce sometimes can be a bit salty.
Kuro-goma Tsuke men

The Circular Quay branch has another version of it kuro-goma tsuke men. The cold dipping sauce is black sesame. However, I felt it is too much at the end of it!
Dragon jya-jya ramen

If you can handle spiciness, they also cater for that. Dragon jya-jya ramen is not a bad option. You can feel the spiciness when you see the red coloured soup!
Left: Menya Ramen; Right: Menya mega ramen

The portion of the ramen might not be big enough for guys. They also have the Menya mega ramen which is double size ramen.
Salmon gohan

If you still not enough, they have 4 choices of gohan, buta mabushi gohan, salmon gohan, chilli beef gohan and Menya curry gohan.
Tori kara age (side)

Or else you can go for gyoza, tori-kara age. Their menu has a wide variety. I cannot put all they offer on this post. I can simply using one word to sum it up, おいしい!!

Menya Noodle Bar
Shop 2, 1 Market Street, Sydney NSW (CBD)
Phone 02 9267 4649

Friday, November 13, 2009

High Tea at The Observatory Hotel

As suggested by one of the bridesmaid, we spent our gift from the groom to treat ourselves with something nice. So we decided to spend it on High Tea. We would love to try the Gunner's Barracks, unfortunately they require at least 3 months in advance booking for a weekend. The second choice is The Observatory Hotel which only needs 3 weeks in advance. :)

On the day, I was late for about half an hour and embarrassingly I didn't have coins for the meter parking!!! Thank you Miss J. :) We were seated at the Galileo Restaurant area. We were told that they have limited supply of tea pots which we have to share our tea among the 2 of us!!! Hence, we can only try 3 different type of teas. They are Ceylon, Sencha and Jasmine. The tea selection is also limited.
3 Tier Stand

Our 3 tier stand arrived and as always we start taking photos. One of the waitress has told us, "These food are to be eaten as well!" :) The bottom level is three different kind of sandwiches. The middle level is all the sweets and the top level is 2 different kind of scones.
Sandwiches: Ham & Cheese; Egg and others


I have started off with the sandwiches. These are pretty average sandwiches. There is one particular kind which I dont really like.
Scones: Plain; the other with raisin

Strawberry jam with real fruit
The scones are not as fluffy as I like. However, I really love the real fruit strawberry jam! It's so tasty.
Various desserts

Saving the gooddies to the last! The sweets are so colourful and I dont know where to start!! The sweets are not as tasty as they look. I was hoping the panna cotta will taste good. However, almond flavour panna cotta is not my cup of tea.

Although the food might not be as good as I expected, but having a good time with my friends count!!

Note: High tea is served daily from 2:30pm to 5pm weekdays and from 2pm to 4:30pm weekends. Booking is essential.

The Observatory Hotel
89 - 113 Kent Street, Sydney NSW 2000
Phone 02 9256 2215