Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Azuma Patisserie, Sydney

After the Sugar Hit last month, Miss J and I would like to try Azuma Patisserie for their other desserts. Today Miss J was craving for cake and I had a tiring week, so we decided to go there for desserts!

Miss J ordered the mix green tea yoghurt ice cream and Azuma blended green tea. I have ordered a green tea mousse cake and also Azuma blended green tea. They have a deal for both cake and hot drink for $9.50.

The green tea yoghurt ice cream has a bit of sour taste, but it is not a strong one. It also comes with diced strawberry and cereal. My green tea mousse cake is a layers cake. It has a layer of red bean and the bottom layer is a strong chocolate base. May be the chocolate is so strong which covered the green tea taste.

The Azuma blended green tea is a genmaicha (brown rice tea). It is a good compliment to my cake. However, at the end, the tea has become bitter.

Forgot to take my camera, no photo available, may be next time! :p

Azuma Patisserie
Ground Floor, Regent Place Shopping, 501 George Street, Sydney NSW

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