Sunday, November 15, 2009

Menya Noodle Bar, Sydney

This is one of my favourite place for a quick and easy meal. I just love their ramen or noodles. Their ramen is always, using Italian expression, al dente! Yum yum!! :) The restaurant at CBD is more relax and causal dining where you have to order and pay first. Your order will bring to you. Where as the restaurant at Circular Quay is more of a full service restaurant. The menu is also slight different between the two. I come to this restaurant too often and never take any photos of the food I ate. Just because today I brought my camera, let me introduce some of food which they have.
Menya Ramen with Tonkotsu soup base

Menya ramen has 4 different choices of soup base: shoyu, miso, natural (salt), tonkotsu. My favourite one is the tonkotsu. The tonkotsu is only available at the CBD branch.
Tsuke men

Tsuke men is good if you don't feel like a bowl of hot soup ramen. The dipping sauce sometimes can be a bit salty.
Kuro-goma Tsuke men

The Circular Quay branch has another version of it kuro-goma tsuke men. The cold dipping sauce is black sesame. However, I felt it is too much at the end of it!
Dragon jya-jya ramen

If you can handle spiciness, they also cater for that. Dragon jya-jya ramen is not a bad option. You can feel the spiciness when you see the red coloured soup!
Left: Menya Ramen; Right: Menya mega ramen

The portion of the ramen might not be big enough for guys. They also have the Menya mega ramen which is double size ramen.
Salmon gohan

If you still not enough, they have 4 choices of gohan, buta mabushi gohan, salmon gohan, chilli beef gohan and Menya curry gohan.
Tori kara age (side)

Or else you can go for gyoza, tori-kara age. Their menu has a wide variety. I cannot put all they offer on this post. I can simply using one word to sum it up, おいしい!!

Menya Noodle Bar
Shop 2, 1 Market Street, Sydney NSW (CBD)
Phone 02 9267 4649

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