Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Let's Do Lunch - est.

When my friend asked me to join them for Let's Do Lunch at est., I quickly respond to it as "Yes". I just love this place so much. When I was there last time, I just fell in love with this place. I love their interior, the way they use columns, the high ceiling with patterns. 

I was there nice and early and the waiter send me to the bar area which I didn't go last time. Mellowing myself into the atmosphere and almost forgotten that I am meeting my friends there. 

When we were seated, we quickly ordered our food. The menu is crisp-skin aoraki salmon fillet, asparagus, shaved fennel, lemon vinaigrette. We didn't have to wait for long, our food came. May be this time they remember to serve us bread and I wasn't as hungry? ;)

 Crisp-Skin Aoraki Salmon Fillet, Asparagus, Shaved Fennel, Lemon Vinaigrette

The salmon skin is not as crispy as I thought it will be. But the salmon is cooked to perfection. I love the side more... the fennel with lemon vinaigrette is very refreshing. The asparagus is fresh and tasty. 

I was hoping to get myself a dessert but when I looked at the menu that the passion fruit souffle will require at least 20 minutes wait. I have to skip it, rather I opted for the petit four. 

 Petit Four

When it came out, it rather a petit six. It has six different kind of sweets. I just love every single piece of it!!! Now thinking when can I go there for a proper three course dinner?

Level 1
252 George Street
Sydney NSW 2000
Phone (02) 9240 3000

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Mino, Mosman

I am very frustrating to find a restaurant which is open on Sunday! After searching and reading numerous reviews, I finally find this little restaurant at Mosman called Mino. This restaurant offers Kaiseki menu as well as A La Carte. According to Wikipedia, Kaiseki is a traditional multi-course Japanese dinner. I have eaten Kaiseki in Japan before and the presentation as well as the food itself is amazing! I have given this restaurant a go and never regretted it. We have chosen two different Kaiseki, Mino and Goshu.


We started off with amuse. 
 Steamed Prawns and Seaweed with Plum Dressing

Japanese Style Fried Scallop Ball with Prawn Bisque

Then followed by the appetizer.

Chef Selection of Sashimi, Sushi and Oyster

Chef Selection of Today's Sashimi

It then followed by the Sashimi and Sushi.
Grilled Barramundi with Miso Sauce; Seared Kingfish and Slow Cooked White Radish with Japanese Yuzu Pepper; Asparagus and Duck Tempura with Miso and Blue Cheese Sauce

Buckwheat Soba Soup with Duck Mince Ball; Seared Scallop and Prawns; Grilled Kingfish and Shimeji Mushroom with Ginger and Soy Sauce-Mayonnaise in Foil
Then assorted entree either in 4 different with Mino or 5 different with Goshu.

Sukiyaki Hotpot (Wagyu Beef)

Grilled Duck Breast with Japanese Style Tomato Sauce

Finally our mains. There is around 12 to choose from Mino menu or 18 from Goshu. 

Seasonal Fruit, Dessert and My Choice of Ice Cream

Cannot complete a meal without dessert. We had a big smile and entertained for a good 2 hours. 

Mino Japanese Restaurant
521 Millitary Road
Mosman NSW
02 9960 3351

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Let's Do Lunch - ARIA Restaurant

We keep our Let's Do Lunch event going and this time we went to ARIA Restaurant. When I walked past other tables, I saw majority of the patrons were having what I am there for. :D


Once they took our orders, they serve us the amuse. As I didnt hear what this is, but it tastes like V8 juice! :p

May be they were very busy, after they took our orders, the bread did not even come. We have to ask for it when they serve us the main. 

 Roasted Barramundi with Crab & Pea Risotto

The main course is roasted barramundi with crab and pea risotto. They have roasted a crispy barramundi skin. Oh no, again I like the skin! :O Since I am not a big fan of barramundi, but they are good that I can't taste the muddy taste. 

 Green Bean and Pear Salad with Walnuts and Roquefort

I have also ordered the side green bean and pear salad with walnuts and roquefort. The green bean is cover with the strong blue cheese taste. It balances off with the pear and walnut. I just love it!

As I have to rush back to office again, I missed out the tea or coffee and the dessert. Since today is my collegue's birthday, there is birthday celebration and I had a cup cake and make myself a cup coffee to finish off. 

ARIA Restaurant
1 Macquarie Street
Sydney NSW 2000
(02) 9252 2555

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Let's Do Lunch - Guillaume at Bennelong

It's this time of the year again... Crave Sydney Food Festival. My first event will be Let's Do Lunch - Guillaume at Bennelong. 

This is year their menu is roasted free-range chicken breast with a tombe of silverbeet on a bed of cauliflower puree, olives and lemon confits jus.

 Roasted Free-Range Chicken Breast

It was better than what I expected for a chicken breast. It was juicy and tender. I really love the browning and it is quite crispy! I dont normally eat the skin and I finished it this time! Now I am worrying how much fat I ate!!!! :O

Although we were not facing the water, but we have a free concert (without sound) when we were there!!

Since we have to go back to work, we have to skip the dessert which is pavlova and coffee or tea with petit four which we were thinking to get at the beginning. They look really good at the table next to us.

Guillaume at Bennelong
Sydney Opera House
Bennelong Point
Sydney NSW 2000
Phone (02) 9241 1999

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Private Kitchen - Duck Degustation

My chef friend organised and prepared a duck degustation for us today. It was such a wonderful experience. Everything is to its perfection!!

 Our Sitting

Here are the sample of his menu. I guess it's only him who can understand all these. :)

 Our Menu of The Day

Before we started, there was bread and the butter is so tasty which I cant stop myself eating!!! :O 

Sourdough & Yummy Butter

We started off with Duck Neck Sausage with Mushroom Broth. The crushed pistachio nuts made the sausage not as flat.

Duck Neck Sausage with Enoki Mushroom Broth

Following the sausage, we had the Duck Breast Salad. The blood orange doesnt look bloody to me!! hahaha... It is quite a refreshing dish getting us ready for the main. 

Duck Breast Salad with Fig, Blood Orange and Orange Aioli

Our main is the Duck Confit with Lentil and Sour Cherry. It is an interesting combination. Although I am not fond of cherry, but it is a very nice combination. We also had salad and roasted rosemary potatoes as side!! I just cant stopped myself munching all these in.

Duck Confit with Lentil and Sour Cherry

Salad and Roasted Rosemary Potatoes

Without prior knowledge, I should not eaten too much of the side... we still have Cheese Platter before our dessert! :O I forgotten what's the cheese we had... but I really like that softer type over the hard cheese with the strong truffle taste.

Cheese Platter with Apple Watercrest and Guava Paste

Finally the long waited Vanilla Bean and Duck Egg Brulee with Truffle Honey and Hazelnut Praline. This is actually in his restaurant menu!!! :) I can only use these words to sum it up... Wah... the amazing!! 

 Vanilla Bean and Duck Egg Brulee with Truffle Honey and Hazelnut Praline

We are not stopping yet... there were still macarons, petit four and greentea puff!! We all went home with a full stomach!!


 Petit Four

 Greentea Puff

Friday, September 17, 2010

Olio, St Leonards

What's attractive me about this cafe is their coffee... Kopi Luwak. This coffee is made of coffee berries which have been eaten by Asian Palm Civet, then pass through its digestive system. Hence I called it "cat poo" coffee... hahahaha...

Since I am having an early dinner close by, so I can try out this long waited coffee. :D However, the cafe closes at 9pm, we have to rush in before it closes. Lucky that the waiter let us in. 

We quickly settle ourselves and order our drinks. 

Brochure at the Cafe explaining what's Kopi Luwak

When the waiter passes me the coffee, the aroma goes through my nose. It smells so good!!! The waiter explains to me how I should taste it. There is a sparkling water with lime & ginger to raise my palate. It also comes with a petite four with a hint of ginger. 

 Kopi Luwak

After my sparkling water, my first sip of it reminded me as if I am drinking herbal tea. It is so strong. I have a bite to the brown sugar provided. The second sip I can taste it. It is silky smooth and without the bitterness. I really enjoy it!!! Now need to plan for my weekend brunch. :D

Shop 1, The Forum
St Leonards Station
Sydney NSW 2065

Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Counter, Crows Nest

When I was given the menu, I felt like I am about to start a questionnaire! :O There are so many choices.It took me awhile to read through what do they offer. 


Step 1, choose your patty, size and whether on a bun or plate. Step 2, choose your cheese... there is a lot of variety. Step 3, choose your toppings (up to 4). This is the fun part... so many different topping you can choose... this took us awhile to choose the best combination! :) Step 4, choose the sauce... it is not just tomato or mustard. There is at least more than 10 type! Finally, choose your bun. There is over 5 different buns. ;O The waiter comes to us quite often to ask if we are ready. hahahaha... We didn't wait for long for our custom build burger to come. Here are are creations. 

 Version 1

Version 2
 Version 3

We also ordered the Fifty Fifty which chose half onion rings and chips. It completed the meal. :D
The "fifty fifty"

The Counter

118 Willoughby Road
Crows Nest NSW 2065
(02) 9436 2700

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Fix St James, Sydney

Last minute Friday dinner plan... going through my "to eat list"... Fix St James came across... this place only open Tuesday to Friday for dinner... so it was a bit hard to catch. When I called up for reservation just before 5pm, they told me they cannot do 7pm but can do something later. That's great... I thought I wont be able to make it at all!!! 

This place is a small, tiny place where you walked past the bar before going into the restaurant. They also have a few outside seating where you can just go for drinks. I like their simple menu which I don't have a problem choosing what shall I eat! :p One of the wall is a blackboard which shows off what they offer for the day. Although I didn't drink for the night but found that there is something interesting about their red wine... they use a laboratory flask to serve?? This is one thing which I will need to find out next time! :) 

 Fennel, Meredith and Grape Salad

We start off with fennel, Meredith and grape salad. It was a plain and simple salad with a strong blue goat cheese to favour. 
 Wagyu Flank Steak with Chips

When I saw these thick cut chips... I quickly get one and eat it... may be I haven't had one for awhile. :) I enjoy them more when they are still hot and crispy. May be they thought their wagyu flank is so tender that I don't need a steak knife? I cant even cut it into bite size! :O Once I have got my cutlery sorted out, the steak was juicy and tender. I just cant stop eat... 

Trout Cooked in a Bag with Potato Salad

The trout cooked without the fishy taste and it's a good complimentary with the potato salad. While I was thinking whether I will try their desserts. I can feel that I will need my coffee fix... may be it's been a long week for me?? 

 Chocolate Fondant with Strawberries

How can a meal completed without a dessert... so we share a chocolate pudding with strawberries. It stated on the blackboard which needs to wait for 15 minutes. When it comes, I totally think it is worth the wait!! There is a crispy outer layer with a soft centre and the strawberries is a good complement. 

May be this is a small restaurant the noise level can become a issue when others had a bit of a drink... but it wont deter me to come back again for their food!! 

Fixed St James
111 Elizabeth Street
Sydney NSW 2000
(02) 9232 2767 

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Wagaya, Sydney

This is one of the places which I have been a lot of time but never have a chance to take photo of what I ate so far. This time I brought my camera with me and ready to take some photos! :) The following are the sample of food which I will normally have. 

Seaweed Salad 

Mentaiko Spagetti 

 Japanese Pizza 

 Sashimi Platter 

 Spider Roll 

 Softshell Crab Salad 

 Agedashi Tofu with Softshell Crab 

 Deep Fried Salmon Skin 

Wagaya Salad


It has been awhile since I visited this place. Looking back on these photos and I wish to dine there soon!!

Level 1
78-86 Harbour Street
Sydney NSW
(02) 9212 6068