Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Fix St James, Sydney

Last minute Friday dinner plan... going through my "to eat list"... Fix St James came across... this place only open Tuesday to Friday for dinner... so it was a bit hard to catch. When I called up for reservation just before 5pm, they told me they cannot do 7pm but can do something later. That's great... I thought I wont be able to make it at all!!! 

This place is a small, tiny place where you walked past the bar before going into the restaurant. They also have a few outside seating where you can just go for drinks. I like their simple menu which I don't have a problem choosing what shall I eat! :p One of the wall is a blackboard which shows off what they offer for the day. Although I didn't drink for the night but found that there is something interesting about their red wine... they use a laboratory flask to serve?? This is one thing which I will need to find out next time! :) 

 Fennel, Meredith and Grape Salad

We start off with fennel, Meredith and grape salad. It was a plain and simple salad with a strong blue goat cheese to favour. 
 Wagyu Flank Steak with Chips

When I saw these thick cut chips... I quickly get one and eat it... may be I haven't had one for awhile. :) I enjoy them more when they are still hot and crispy. May be they thought their wagyu flank is so tender that I don't need a steak knife? I cant even cut it into bite size! :O Once I have got my cutlery sorted out, the steak was juicy and tender. I just cant stop eat... 

Trout Cooked in a Bag with Potato Salad

The trout cooked without the fishy taste and it's a good complimentary with the potato salad. While I was thinking whether I will try their desserts. I can feel that I will need my coffee fix... may be it's been a long week for me?? 

 Chocolate Fondant with Strawberries

How can a meal completed without a dessert... so we share a chocolate pudding with strawberries. It stated on the blackboard which needs to wait for 15 minutes. When it comes, I totally think it is worth the wait!! There is a crispy outer layer with a soft centre and the strawberries is a good complement. 

May be this is a small restaurant the noise level can become a issue when others had a bit of a drink... but it wont deter me to come back again for their food!! 

Fixed St James
111 Elizabeth Street
Sydney NSW 2000
(02) 9232 2767 

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