Saturday, September 5, 2009

Roti Bom at Mamak

One late night, I was hungry and my friend called and asked "Let's go to Mamak for supper!". Obviously, I wouldn't say no to such an offer. So I quickly got myself ready and went to the restaurant.

As you may read my previous blog, I was indecisive as to which sweet roti should I get. This time I will pick the other one, Roti Bom! I was told that it needs to wait for at least 20 minutes. I was so eager to taste this roti, so of course I said, "It's fine!".

We chatted for awhile and the roti bom came!
Roti Bom

This is the sweet version of roti canai. The roti is like spreaded with syrup to make it sticky and chewy. One bad thing about this is it will stuck to your teeth! :O After trying most of their sweet roti, I prefer roti kaya out of them. :)

Mamak15 Goulburn Street, Sydney NSW

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