Monday, March 29, 2010

Tetsuya, Sydney

It's been awhile since I have logged into my blog... so my first post in this new year has to be some really good restaurant!! My good friend organised this gathering 2-3 months ahead. Tetsuya, it has ranked at No.17 by The S. Pellegrino World's 50 Best Restaurant 2009 list. It is also the Best Restaurant in Australasia. It has to be something good! I was so looking forward to the weekend lunch. The day was drizzle with rain. Lucky where I parked my car is not too far from the restaurant... otherwise I will be soaking wet!! The first dish is cold asparagus soap with poach egg. It is quite a refreshing start. I enjoyed it very much. Then kingfish sashimi... it tasted like Chinese steam fish soy sauce with kingfish sashimi. The roasted scampi with herb and citrus oil brought me surprises. The citrus oil bring out good favour of the scampi. The signature dish ocean trout with salad. The ocean trout is nicely done.The abalone with steam melon. The steam melon itself is tasteless... and the melon did not absorb enough of the abalone taste. Ravioli of octopus, rice & tomato, this is a tasty dish. The octopus has been diced into small cube and it is not chewy. Nicely done. Then with dishes chicken breast and wagyu with leek, tomato and soy sauce. Finally the desserts are being served, floating island with vanilla bean and praline anglaise and salted sable with cameralised tasmanian leatherwood honey. At that time I am almost full and did not finish them. It has been over 3 hours... and we are all full and missing out on the coffee & tea and petit fours. It's a good 3 hours entertain with food. What a good weekend!!

529 Kent Street
Sydney NSW 2000
02 9267 2900 

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