Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hallam's Waterfront Seafood Restaurant, Launceston, Tasmania

We are at Launceston thinking where should we go for our seafood dinner. When we did a google search, this restaurant name pop up at the top of the list. Clicking a few more link into their website, it looks good to us and we quickly hop onto the car and drive there.
Hallam's Waterfront Restaurant

When we arrived, I had an impression that the restaurant is going to close. But we arrived just around 8pm, they are not closing, right?? The waitress asked us whether we can order our food once we have settled down. Of course, we are here to have local seafood, in particular, oysters and lobster (or crayfish in Tasmania). 
  Hallam's Waterfront Restaurant
Our "Tools" for this Meal
 Complimentary Bread
The complimentary bread is served warm and it is crusty... nice!
Kilpatrick Oysters
The kilpatrick oysters are so fresh and just right tangy taste. Loving it!
 Tiger Prawns
The tiger prawns is large and fresh. We have an argument over which sauce is which... wasabi or lime?? Finally we have to get the waitress to clarify for us... and Yes I am correct... hahahaha...
 Tasmania Rock Lobster Grilled with Garlic & Butter
Finally the long waited Tasmania Rock Lobster (or crayfish) is ready to serve. Wow... the freshness of the lobster... I cant use any word to describe how delicious this lobster is!

We have also ordered a seafood pasta, but I was busy with the lobster and forgotten to take any photo of the pasta. :p

Although it is just a random pick, but I had a most memoriable seafood dinner at Launceston!!

Hallam's Waterfront Seafood Restaurant
13 Park Street
Launceston TAS
(03) 6334 0554

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