Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sepia Restaurant and Wine Bar, Sydney

This year my family is against our tradition to have our year end reunion dinner in one of the Western restaurant instead of a Chinese restaurant. After reading from a magazine, we decided to give Sepia a go. Since then I did a bit of research and found that Martin Benn, chef and co-owner, has won the 2011 Emirates Chef of the Year Award. I am expecting to have a very nice dinner there.
When we're walking into the restaurant, as its name suggested, it is Sepia in colour. We are seated near the window. The waitress explains to us we can either go for a 7 course degustation or 4 course a la carte. Since we have to order the same for the whole table, we have opted for the 4 course a la carte.
Amuse Bouche
The amuse bouche is sea urchin with soy jelly. It is quite an interesting, I never thought of soy can made into jelly. However, I think it is a bit salty to me.
Marinated Yellow Fin Tuna, House Made Goat Milk Fromage Blanc Yuzu Jelly; Picked Heirloom Carrots; Rhubarb
My entree is yellow fin tuna. This is a very colourful dish. The tuna is raw nicely marinated. I cant really stop eating. 
"Scallop Sushi" Nori Rolled Scallop, Pickled Ginger, Puffed Sushi Rice, Avocado Cream
When I saw the menu says "Scallop Sushi", I have pictured it as it is a nigiri sushi. However, when the dish comes, it turns out to be something very interesting. The scallop is coated with finely chopped nori (seaweed). The sushi rice is deep fried and it is like coco pop without the chocolate taste. The scallop is seared to retain its freshness.
Sake Braised Green Lip Abalone, Ginger Scented Egg Tofu, Chestnut Mushroom, Garlic Sprouts, Rocket Flowers
The menu has abalone as a dish, since my aunt has brought some abalone from New Zealand, we would like to compare the difference. The abalone has been thinly sliced and very tender. It has been braised with sake which enhanced its favour. They are also very generous with this dish. There is plenty of the abalone there! :D
My second entree is kingfish. The crusty coating of the fish made it has different layer to its texture.
Duck Breast
The duck breast is very lovely. The highlight of this dish is the sauce.
Queensland Spanner Crab and Buckwheat Risotto, Mustard Butter, Shellfish Essence
This spanner crab is served as if it is still in the shell. The risotto absorbed the taste of the crab.
Sansho Roasted Pasture Fed Angus Tenderloin, Braised Short Rib Buffalo Milk "Tofu", Roasted Quinoa, Garlic Flowers
Here comes my main Angus Tenderloin. The tenderloin is cooked to my perfection. The "tofu" is silky smooth with a distinctive taste.
Roasted Scampi Tails, Poached Coral Trout, White Miso and Sea Urchin Emulsion Beetroot Infused Trout Roe
Scampi tail is simple but the favour is just rumbling in your mouth. Never thought a cooked scampi can be so tender.
Butter Poached Murray Cod, Baby Radish, Japanese Daikon, Tonburi, Crystallised Wakeme, Dill Pollen Butter Dashi
The ordinary cod with extraordinary taste. It brings out the full favour of this fish. Nicely cooked.
Butter Asparagus
We have also ordered butter asparagus as our sides.
The pre-dessert is blood orange sorbet with almond crunch. It gives a good rinse for our taste bud ready for their desserts!
"Chocolate Forest" Soft Chocolate, Lavender Cream, Sour Cherry Sorbet, Licorice
My long waited "Chocolate Forest" arrived. When you put your first spoonful into your mouth, as the name suggested, you can really imagine yourself walking into a forest. It has also given the feeling of having waffler.
Strawberry Bavarois, Iranian Pistachio Yoghurt Sorbet, Basil Seeds and Elderflower
Another dessert we ordered is strawberry bavarois. The strawberry bavarois is stuffed inside the white chocolate cone. At first, we thought it is inside a sponge cake! :p
Creme Brulee, Mango Sorbet, Coconut Foam
The creme brulee has its "hard top". The sorbet is creamy rather than watery with the right balance of mango in it.
Petits Fours
We finished our meals with tea and coffee with petits fours. This will be one of my memorable Chinese New Year celebration! :D

Sepia Restaurant and Wine Bar
Darling Park
201 Sussex Street
Sydney NSW
(02) 9283 1990


  1. Yes this is the one MUST go this year !!
    The dessert is like an Art

  2. Go and try it... and tell me what you think as well. :) I think every dish is very beautifully presented.