Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ensign Dale Restaurant & Lounge Bar, York

We are travelling in Western Australia. We have a stopover at York before we are heading to the Wave Rock the next morning. Since we arrived the town late, we freshen up and to head to the town to look for something to eat. 
Main Street, York
It is a very quiet town. Most of the shops are closed, only a few which is still open. This town makes me feel like as if I have travelled back in time!

Settlers House
We have chosen the one which is located within the Settlers House. We were seated outside to enjoy the quietness there.
Since we are not too hungry, we are sharing the dishes. We started off with an entree, deep fried Camembert. They have used the sourness of the cherries to make the cheese not too greasy.
The duck is not bad either. The highlight is the bed of creamy risotto.
The steak is cooked to my request. It is juicy and tender. 
York Town Hall (Took it the following morning)
I didnt have any expectation in this small town to have an unexpected found!

Ensign Dale Restaurant & Lounge Bar
125 Avon Tce
Western Australia

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