Sunday, February 26, 2012

Tommy's Beer Cafe, Glebe

When I walk pass this restaurant, I always see people inside. This must be a sign of good food! :) Finally I have a chance to dine in it and I have prepared myself on an empty stomach for the meat that I am going to eat. :p
Our Dishes Ordered
I haven't tried duck sausages before, so I ordered it as entree. However, it wasn't what I expected and I can only taste the chili.
Duck Sausage
Mr Nikon wants to have some pork crackling. Some of the crackling is too hard which I cant even bite it off.
Pork Crackling
After the bad start to our entrees, the pork belly is quite juicy and tender. The crackling is crispy! One bad thing about it is that the serving is a bit small comparing to other dishes.
Pork Belly
Miss J wants to try their Vienna Schnitzel which is veal schnitzel with kipfler potato, steamed vegetables and pickled gherkin aioli. The veal is moist and I cant stop eating those potatoes!
Vienna Schnitzel
We cant missed out on the sausages and order the tonight special, Mixed Sausage Platter!
Mixed Sausage Platter
We were so full which we have skipped the desert! :)

Tommy's Beer Cafe
123 Glebe Point Road
Glebe NSW
(02) 9660 6870

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