Sunday, August 5, 2012

Hung's Delicacies (阿鴻小吃), North Point, Hong Kong

This restaurant is situated in a residential area where you will never thought of you will find a gem here! We are glad to arrive here for the first round of the dinner session and we don't have to queue up long for our table.
Queue After We Finished :D
When you look at the menu, there is basically anything you can think of from a duck or goose are on it. There is no wastage! Why is this restaurant so popular? It has to do with the sauce (滷水) they used.

First of all we have to order the favourite, marinated goose slices. It is so fatty and tasty!
Marinated Goose Slices
Our non-stop of eating various parts of the duck...

Duck Tongue in Chinese Liquor Flavour

Ar Hung's Duck Tongue
House Special Duck Chin
Marinated Goose Kidney
Now we are onto the chicken...

Forgot the Type of Chicken! :p
Chicken Tendon with Mustard Flavour

Chicken Tendon with Sesame Flavour
Other items we have ordered...
Canton Style Spicy Beef Shin
Braised Assorted Vegetables

Heart Shape Carrot in the Braised Assorted Vegetables :)
Ar Hung's Mixed Noodle
Luo Han Guo Tea
We are stuffed we various part of the goose, duck, chicken and beef. We have selected majority of the dishes from the menu. I am very happy to go again if I don't have to queue up for long! ;)


  1. i think it has a branch at the airport too.
    there are a number of good eateries along that street. i think tim ho wan now also has a shop nearby as well.