Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Red Chilli Sichuan, Glebe

For a cold and wet weather, it is nice to have something to warm you up! We are heading to Glebe to have Sichuan hotpot. :) Sichuan hotpot is not just spicy but also numb!! We thought we better order a divided hotpot, as experience from the past, we can't handle the spiciness! We ordered a mix of seafood and meat selection. By looking at redness of the hotpot, you can imagine the spiciness. Waiting for the soup to boil and we start to dig it! The meat was thinly sliced to make it cooks more easily. The soup base is not just spicy and numb but also made the meat very tasty. After a few pieces, you will start feeling heat! We are looking for the source of numbness and it came from the Sichuan pepper. We have to check every piece before putting it into our mouth. :) Almost finished and we can see a layer of chili oil on the top! Have we eaten so much fat? Oh well, as long as my tummy is happy, I guess it is fine! :p

Red Chilli Sichuan

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