Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Cut Bar & Grill, The Rocks

After the hectic week, finally I can sit down to have a proper meal. I have chosen my favourite 4-hour slow roast sher F1 wagyu standing rib to start! I just love this perfect cooked pink colour and it is very juicy too.

4 Hour Slow Roast Wagyu Rib - Standard Cut and Roasted Beetroot Salad on the background

After trying out their sticky date pudding, I cannot go without dessert. This time I chose something different, the lemon custard. It is a good way to finish off the night!
Lemon Custard, Sable Pistachio Meringue, Mascapone Sorbet

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Miss Chu Sydney CBD Tuckshop, Sydney

After a long day at work, I will need to treat myself for some decent fast food. Miss Chu Sydney CBD Tuckshop is handy for me to get some takeaway before heading home. I have got myself Roast Duck & Banana Flower Rice Paper Rolls and Prawn & Crab Net Spring Rolls to finish off my night!
Various Rolls from Miss Chu

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Hung's Delicacies (阿鴻小吃), North Point, Hong Kong

This restaurant is situated in a residential area where you will never thought of you will find a gem here! We are glad to arrive here for the first round of the dinner session and we don't have to queue up long for our table.
Queue After We Finished :D
When you look at the menu, there is basically anything you can think of from a duck or goose are on it. There is no wastage! Why is this restaurant so popular? It has to do with the sauce (滷水) they used.

First of all we have to order the favourite, marinated goose slices. It is so fatty and tasty!
Marinated Goose Slices
Our non-stop of eating various parts of the duck...

Duck Tongue in Chinese Liquor Flavour

Ar Hung's Duck Tongue
House Special Duck Chin
Marinated Goose Kidney
Now we are onto the chicken...

Forgot the Type of Chicken! :p
Chicken Tendon with Mustard Flavour

Chicken Tendon with Sesame Flavour
Other items we have ordered...
Canton Style Spicy Beef Shin
Braised Assorted Vegetables

Heart Shape Carrot in the Braised Assorted Vegetables :)
Ar Hung's Mixed Noodle
Luo Han Guo Tea
We are stuffed we various part of the goose, duck, chicken and beef. We have selected majority of the dishes from the menu. I am very happy to go again if I don't have to queue up for long! ;)

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Lin Heung Tea House (蓮香樓), Central, Hong Kong

Lin Heung Tea House (蓮香樓)
Continuing with my journey to try out long established restaurant, Lin Heung Tea House is another choice. As my aunt knew that they are always packed, we reserved a table for the early dinner. When we are there, most tables have already scattered with people. I am looking forward to their food!
Tea House (Old Style)

Eight Treasure Duck (八寶鴨)

We have pre-ordered the Eight Treasure Duck. This is basically stuffed eight different ingredients into a boneless duck. The eight ingredients are lotus seeds, glutinous rice, mushroom, salty egg york... and I have lost count. The duck meat is so tender and just melt in your mouth. The glutinous rice is the best part of the dish. It absorbed all the taste from the duck.
Lotus Root Cake
I really like lotus root cake and I have made a special request for this dish. :)

This is Also a Unique Dish which I Found It In Hong Kong
Crispy Skin Chicken
Finished off with Mung Bean Dessert
Went to this restaurant is like travel back in time!
Entrance where They Sell Dim Sum in the Morning

Various Gift Boxes Back in the Old Days!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Anthony Kitchen, Sai Kung, Hong Kong

Where to go for seafood when you are in Hong Kong? Sai Kung is the place! It is quite an interesting experience for me. You can either buy your seafood directly from the fishermen or from the shop itself. What I mean to buy direct from the fishermen?

Buying our seafood from Fishermen directly
Showing their Catch
Selection of Other Seafood Products
Sai Kung "Seafood Street"
After we bought our seafood, we brought them to Mrs S's favourite restaurant. We were lucky enough to grab a seat for the night, as they were fully booked!

Anthony Kitchen at Sai Kung
Our seafood feast for the night includes...

Grilled Abalone
Steamed Crab (奄仔蟹) with Egg White
Steamed Fish (Forgot what type!)
Whelk With Broccoli
Pork Knuckle with Black Pepper Sauce
Some of these seafood which I hardly eat in Sydney.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Combat with Mud Crab

If I didn't go to the Sydney Fish Market, I wont see the sign saying "$21.99/kg for Live Mud Crab". I walked into at least two shops which said the same and I have to give in. I bought a live mud crab home. Now the issue is how to kill this thing??? 

Thanks to Facebook. I dropped this question to my Facebook status and my friends have answered. Collating all the ideas and trying to put them in practice. I first tried to poke into the head as suggested. May be my chopstick isn't long enough, the crab was still very active and trying to escape!

Without too much of the gruesome details, I have killed it with the good old method. However, I still have been bitten by its reflex. Next time I know even if its claw detached from its body, it still can bite and it's painful... ouch!!!
Steamed Mud Crab... Ready to Serve!

Steamed for around 15 minutes, fresh and very sweet mud crab is ready to eat. I am now off to eat... chat later... nom nom nom.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Chan's at Lindfield, Lindfield

The weather is getting colder and what's best is to have a congee to warm yourself up? :) We went to Chan's at Lindfield for their crab congee.
Crab Congee
The congee is full of the crab favour. You can the sweetness from the crab.
Crab with the greens
The second part of it is to get our hands dirty and getting the meat out of the shell. :)
Salt and Pepper Flounder
We also ordered salt and pepper flounder to go with our congee. The flounder is so fresh and we even ate all the fin and bones! :D

Chan's at Lindfield
390 Pacific Highway
Lindfield NSW
(02) 9416 3509