Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Combat with Mud Crab

If I didn't go to the Sydney Fish Market, I wont see the sign saying "$21.99/kg for Live Mud Crab". I walked into at least two shops which said the same and I have to give in. I bought a live mud crab home. Now the issue is how to kill this thing??? 

Thanks to Facebook. I dropped this question to my Facebook status and my friends have answered. Collating all the ideas and trying to put them in practice. I first tried to poke into the head as suggested. May be my chopstick isn't long enough, the crab was still very active and trying to escape!

Without too much of the gruesome details, I have killed it with the good old method. However, I still have been bitten by its reflex. Next time I know even if its claw detached from its body, it still can bite and it's painful... ouch!!!
Steamed Mud Crab... Ready to Serve!

Steamed for around 15 minutes, fresh and very sweet mud crab is ready to eat. I am now off to eat... chat later... nom nom nom.

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