Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Baroque Bistro Patisserie, The Rocks

My friend from overseas visiting and thinking where shall we head out for a nice dinner. As usual doing a few search and reading a few review and found this place, Baroque Bistro, which opened not long ago. It is the same owner as my favourite patisseries La Renaissance. It is a causal relaxing style restaurant. The menu has a few to choose from (which is good enough for me to make the decision) There are also daily special from their blackboard.

The complimentary bread with olive oil is served. The baguette is so crusty and I cant stop my hand picking another piece! The ocean trout tartare is being served. It is just so delicious... The main is followed... Duck two ways, baby beetroot, orange sauce. Butcher cut of beef, fries, sauce bordelaise. This is the today special truite grenobloise: whole trout grenobloise. Forgot the name of this dish but it's pork neck. The meat is so tender... it just melted in my mouth! Our side, salad of organic greens, vegetables, potato crisp, walnut vinaigrette. Cannot finish a meal without the dessert, we cant really choose which one to order. If we arent so full, I think I will choose at least 2 of them. The vanilla creme brulee with pistachio ice cream. Once you put in your mouth the first spoonful, you will want to have more!!

The most important of all, thanks for your company to make this meal very enjoyable!!! :)

* Some of these photos were taken using mobile phone. The quality of these photos arent as good. 

Baroque Bistro Bar Patisserie
88 George Street
The Rocks NSW 2000
02 9241 4811 

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