Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sake Restaurant & Bar, The Rocks

After watching the episode of Master Chef showing how to make sushi, Miss S wants to try the restaurant who the Chef, Shaun Presland, is on the show. She arranged the booking and waiting for the night to come! Since it happened to be Vivid Sydney as well, which the Opera House will be lighted up, we went to The Rocks early to take a few shots before dinner. Glad that there is no rain at the time. It has been raining cats and dogs for over a week!!! Here is the photo of Vivid Sydney.
 Lighting of Sails

After a few shots of Vivid Sydney, we went to our booking at Sake.
Sake Restaurant and Bar

We were lead to our table... the seats and the table is fixed!! It's very hard to get in... especially with our thick jacket and our camera gears. After squeezing into our table, we had to find the menu. It has been narrowly folded printed sheet which was place on top of the sharing plate. We read through the menu and picked the dishes we like.
 The Menu

There are different type of green tea available and we have picked one of each to try. The strongest out of all is the hojicha then follow kukicha. The lightest is the genmacha.
 Various Green Tea

The waiter told us that the sushi or sashimi dishes will come first then following with the main. However, our first dish to arrive is the popcorn shrimp. As the name suggested, the prawn has cut into bite size. The prawn has been mixed deep fried with tempura batter. The creamy spicy sauce is not too spicy. This is the highlight of the day.
 Popcorn Shrimp: bite sized prawn tempura pieces tossed with creamy spicy sauce

We found the name panko rice ball interesting and order this dish. When it arrived, it's not what we expected. As the rice ball has been deep fried!!
 Panko Rice Balls: soy bean & bamboo, shitake mushroom balls with wasabi aioli

It then followed with tartare trio. The kingfish is not as fresh which has a strong fishy taste. Lucky that we only ordered this sashimi dish.
 Tartare Trio: tuna with wasabi soy; salmon with ponzu; kingfish with ceviche dressing

The beef is grilled quite juicy and tender. The spicy antichucho sauce is the highlight of the kushiyaki.
 Beef Kushiyaki with spicy anticucho sauce

We were suggested to order this miso butterfish since this is one of the signature dish of Sake. The fish has been marinated with a sweet miso. The miso sauce is a bit salty, may be we should order this dish with rice?
 Miso Butterfish

We were hoping to order the salmon skin maki. However, it was sold out for the night. :( We then ordered our usual spider maki.
 Spider Maki

Since our stomach still had some spaces, we ordered some desserts as well. Our eyes were on the matcha bombe alaska. The taste of the green tea ice-cream is not strong. There is also some matcha fairy floss which brought back our childhood memories. :)
 Matcha Bombe Alaska

We also ordered reen-apple mille-feuille which is a green apple mousse with layers of thin crispy pastry. This is to my surprise a very nice dessert. :)
 Reen-Apple  Mille-Feuille

We saw George Calombaris walked into the restaurant and seated next to our table. The head chef of Sake was delivering all the dishes to them. I cant remember how many dishes they have ordered, but can they really finished them all?

Sake Restaurant & Bar
12 Argyle Street
The Rocks, Sydney NSW 2000
Phone 02 9259 5656

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