Thursday, January 26, 2012

Making Water Chestnut Cake (馬蹄糕) for Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year. I am trying to make my first Chinese New Year cake for this festive season. The easiest would be water chestnut cake. It only requires a few steps. I went to a Chinese groceries store to buy the necessary ingredient and started the process.

Mixing water chestnut powder
Chopping water chestnut into small pieces
Melting the Brown Sugar
Ready to Steam
After steaming for about half an hour, it is ready to be served.
Final Product: Water Chestnut Cake
Water Chestnut Cake
It doesn't look bad after all, but still have room for improvement. I love the texture... a success!


  1. I love your Water Chestnut Cake. Thanks for sharing it with us today! May I have your recipe (modified one)? :) Thanks

    1. Thanks for visiting! I have emailed you my recipes. Have fun making it. :)