Saturday, May 22, 2010

Fifteen, Melbourne

Walking around the whole of the Melbourne city... finally we have found a place to eat!! If Miss C hasnt been here before, I wouldn't think or notice a restaurant is here!! We are sitting at the bar table. Since we are rushing to watch a show afterwards, we quickly decide what we will have and place our orders. We spent time taking photos and the pairs came after us already started eating. We started to worry how come our dishes are not yet ready??? We asked the waiter and found that our orders havent placed into their system!!! After sorting out the orders etc, our dishes finally came... after an hour!!
Berkshire pork belly with cotechino sausage, celeriac, apple sauce and salsa verde 
My friend order this pork belly. The pork is quite tender and the skin is quite crisy.
Zucchini wrapped wild barramundi with chickpeas inzimino, chorizo and basil oil
The crisy fish skin is quite interesting. Seldom see the skin is being served. 
Lyndale Park organic lamb with neck bolognese, creamy cannellini beans, broccolini and pea shoots
The cannellini beans is not as creamy as it said... but quite nuty. But overall this dish is nice. :)
Pan roasted duck breast and confit leg with parsnip purée, shallot ‘tortino’ and black cabbage
Unfortunately, this duck is not properly cooked. Since we were in a rush, my friend did not ask them to re-cook it. 
Butternut pumpkin risotto with seared Hervey Bay scallops, crispy sage and scallop bottarga
The risotto is quite bland not as interesting as its name.

Running out of time to try out their dessert. 

Fifteen Melbourne
Basement 115 - 117 Collins Street
(Enter through George Pde)
Phone: 1300 799 415

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