Monday, May 24, 2010

Sakana-ya, Crows Nest

This is one of my favourite Japanese restaurant. It has not been westernised. It only serves traditional Japanese food where you can see lot of Japanese will come here to dine. They also serve the freshest sashimi. Since I have a craving for sashimi so I have tagged my friends to go along with me. :)

You will walk past a Japanese garden if you are entering through their back door.
Japanese Garden
 Japanese Pottery
Daily special sashimi... this time I have choosen salmon, king fish, sea urchin and scampi.
Daily Special Sashimi
They will make scampi miso soup with the scampi heads.
Scampi Miso Soup
Another must order is their barrasushi. It is as nice as it looks!
This is another must have dish (only if they are available)... grilled king fish head (half). You can also have the nimono style which is simmered with salt soy sauce.
Grilled King Fish Head
The deep fried New Zealand flouder which is so crispy that you can eat the fin and bones!
My friend's favourite Japanese chawanmushi. Their version is with lots of chunky seafood. The egg custard is so smooth.
Chawanmushi Combination
Finally this is the only place I have eaten this Japanese rice dumpling. It is one type of mochi. It requires around 20 mins cooking.
Japanese Rice Dumpling
Everytime I go there, it brings back memory of my Japan trips! :)

336 Pacific Hwy Crows Nest NSW 2065
02 9438 1468

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