Monday, September 7, 2009

Cafe C'Ya, Sydney

Love the name of this hideaway Korean restaurant. It is a cosy small restaurant hiding behind George Street.

I love their side dishes (banchan)... especially their seaweed marinated in sweet vinegar (miyeok muchim). It's not too sour and it's just right! The chestnut cake... you can just slide them in. :) One good thing when you go to Korean restaurant, these side dishes are free as well as you can refill them! Of course I have second round of these dishes!!
Various Banchan

One of my favourite dish is the seafood pancake (haemul jeon). It is a balance of shallot and seafood in the pancakes. It's also not too good greasy. Their dipping sauce goes really well with it. It has the right balance of soy sauce, vinegar and chili pepper power.
Haemul Jeon

We have also ordered the Dolsot Bibimpap with fried egg (It normally served raw). The rice is served in a stone grilled bowl with sauteed and seasoned vegetables and chili pepper paste. It was just so nice to have it in a cold chilling night!
Dolsot Bibimpap

This grilled beef ribs (galbi) at this restaurant is grilled at the kitchen for you. You wont have the smokey feeling after you have eaten there.

Yes I will definitely c'ya again! :D

Cafe C'ya
600-612 George Street, Sydney NSW
Phone 9264 7576

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