Sunday, March 6, 2011

March into Merivale - Mad Cow

We, foodies group, marched into another Merivale restaurant, Mad Cow. I haven't eaten there since it has been awarded by 2011 SMH Good Guide Awards for one hat.
Soy and Linseed or Sourdough
We shared jamon entree as highly recommended by my other foodie friend, Something Fi-shy. The jamon tastes great with the Chandon shiraz which comes with the $33 deal. The stuffed capsicum with salt cod is too little share among us!
Jamon with Rosemary Oil
Tonight they do not have wagyu flank steak, instead they have grass fed scotch fillet. You can still see the layer of oil. Umm... not sure if it is good for my waistline? :p It is cooked to medium rare and it is really tender and moist.
Grass Fed Scotch Fillet
The other meat dish is the black angus minute fillet steak. The butter has further enhanced the beef favour. But it is a bit too much at the end.
Black Angus Minute Fillet Steak
If you are not into steak, they also have two other choices, king salmon or vegetable bisteeya. The king salmon skin is still crispy after our photo session! :p 
Aroaki King Salmon Fillet
It also comes with two sides, green salad and shoestring fries. May be I haven't had fries for a long time, it goes really well with my steaks.
Green Salad
Shoestring Fries
We have ordered desserts to finish it off. The chocolate decadence is definitely for any chocolate lovers. The strong rich chocolate sorbet is the highlight of it!
Chocolate Decadence
The espresso martini is for us, coffee lovers. The coffee cardamon granita makes it very refreshing and light, yum yum!
Espresso Martini
Since Mad Cow is at the end of the Ivy Bar, we have to maneuver ourselves out of this place. We should instead stay there for the rest of the night! :D

March into Merivale runs between 21 February 2011 to 15 April 2011

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