Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Becasse, Sydney [Closed]

We tried to arrange a dinner at Becasse, they told us that they are fully booked for the night. They will call us if there is a table available. Unfortunately, there is no return phone call.
While we are heading to Darling Harbour to look for alternatives, we walked past Becasse. Miss S suggested to go in and check out whether they have any table available. They have a table in front of the kitchen. This is actually quite entertaining, we get to see all the action in the kitchen.
Various Bread
The bread rolls are served warm and each of us get 3 different kinds. I must say I love their solidified olive oil with black salt. (One side note, don't leave them for too long and it will turn to be like a hard rock!)
Amuse Bouche
The amuse bouche is a very refreshing start and looking forward what will come up next.
Salad of Marinated Heirloom Vegetables
The first dish is a salad dish which gives a sourly tangy favour and opens up your appetite.
Marinated Yellowfin Tuna and Shaved Organic Wagyu Beef
The wagyu beef here is not similar to the one which melted in your mouth. The consomme also has a slight tangy favour to it.
Confit Miso Blue-Eye and Smoked Scallop
The smoked scallop and the sauteed cuttlefish are my favourite from this dish. The crunchiness of the celery balanced out the smoky favour.
Roast Palmers Island Mulloway
The Mulloway is a little disappointed where it has a bit of the fishy taste. After I have taken the skin out, the meat tastes fine on its own.
Caramelised Suckling Pig and Braised Pork Tail
I am looking for the braised pork tail. They have cleverly made it doesn't look like a tail.
Pot-Roasted Shoulder and Fillet of Riverina Lamb
The lamb just melts in your mouth! The best part is the sauce which goes really well with the lamb.
As Miss J not a big fan of beetroot, she requested to change the pre-dessert to something else. It is an ice based with passionfruit and coconut. 
The texture of the beetroot is like marshmallow. The grapefruit granita has a bit of the bitterness taste to it. Your mouth will have an interesting experience to scoop them in one spoonful.
Zokoko 70% Bolivia Chocolate and Caramel Cadeau
The chocolate dome is so shiny! It is also smooth and not too sweet. 
Banana Creme Brulee
I am amaze with the presentation of the creme brulee. As I am not a big fan of banana, I didn't have a taste of it.

What a lucky day, what an experience! 

Reading from an article that Becasse will soon relocate to another location... looking forward to have dine at the new location.

204 Clarence Street
Sydney NSW
(02) 9283 3440

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