Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Portuguese Chicken Sandwich, Sydney

This little sandwich bar always has a queue during lunch time peak hour. You can also missed out on their Portuguese chicken if you are there too late!

I am glad that even at 1:30pm I still able to get it. Tasty mayo with a dash of chili spice and the chicken is always juicy. These are the reasons why I will go back again and again. 

Portuguese Chicken Sandwich in Wholemeal Bread
As you can see its massive size which costs $8.50 at Wynard area. That's why everyone will queue here for their sandwich. They can also make it into wrap at $7.50 which is a smaller version or even in specialty breads, such as rye bread with extra 30 cents. (Prices are current as at 4 April 2012)

North's Sandwich
Shop 1a
2 Bridge Street

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