Thursday, August 20, 2009

Juicy Dumpling at Taste Of Shanghai, Ashfield

My badminton group will find a place to eat after the games. This time we have tried Shanghainese food at Ashfield. This one is where my parents always go as the restaurant has lunch special and each day of the week will have a different dish.

As we were arriving late at night, there was no quene in front of the restaurant. Hooray! (Normally during lunch and dinner a long quene outside the restaurant). We have got our table straight away. We were seated upstairs... from then on... we cant really chat as one group of the diners were drunk and they shouted throughout our meals.

We quickly read the menu and everyone chose a dish to share among us. I am so looking forward to it as I can try most of the famous Shanghainese dishes. It didnt take too long for our orders arrived. The food came in any order... main was before entree and so on. Since we were all really hungry, I have almost forgotten to take photos... :) The drunken chicken has the full favour of the shaoxing wine which made it very tasty! Yum! :)The dishes were feeding in one after the others... :) I have to stop people digging into the dish so that I can take a photo before they mess it out.

Although the fried Shanghainese noodles is oily (which is expected for Shanghainese food), but it was suprising tasty. It is also comparatively more meats and veggies.
The rice cake is cooked just right... not too chewy and not too hard!!I was satisfying with all the dishes so far. As my friends have said, these food are made with hearts. :D (I have most probably forgotten about the noise level at that time.)

Now the long waited Xiao Long Bao has finally arrived... I didnt wait for too long to grap my share. When I picked up the Bao with my chopstick, I can feel the weight... I should expect soup inside the Bao. Oh yes... the skin of the Bao is thin and soup is just so tasty and not too dry! Yum!Next is the Shengjian Matou... similar to Xiao Long Bao this one also has soup inside (not many of the restaurant which I have tried has soup inside)... but if the skin is a bit crispier will be a lot nicer!The fried dumpling is so juicy as well as the skin is crispy. :) Argh.... good!!We have also had some veggie dishes (asparagus and mix mushroom). Other dim sum we have ordered are turnip cake and pumpkin cake. The pumpkin cake which turned out as our dessert. The name didnt suggest that the filling is red bean paste!
After we have finished all the dishes, the noise level seems to have come back to our ears. We quickly go downstairs and pay!! Despite the noise, we were all very satify with the food we ordered!! :)

Taste of Shanghai
264 Liverpool Street, Ashfield NSW
Phone 9798 2877

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