Saturday, August 22, 2009

Tapas, Tapas and more Tapas at Cantina, Darlinghurst

When I made the booking at Cantina Bar & Grill, the waiter told me a list of "rules". Since it was a birthday dinner for my friends, so it will be a big group of people, and the RULE is we must order the banquet from a range of $40 - $50 per person. Secondly, we must leave the restaurant by 9.15pm for the next session of diners. Thirdly is that there is a cakeage of $2 per person... I was thinking we will be there for a birthday and doing my sum in the head straight away... it is not worth it... we have to find another place to cut the cake.

Since Oxford Street is hard to find parking, I might just as well take a walk from the city to the restaurant. As I have dressed up with my heels on, only half way near Hyde Park my feet were calling me.... help help... I cant walk anymore!!! So I told myself I have to catch a bus from the next bus stop.

Didn't need to wait for too long a bus came... so I got onto the bus and buy the ticket. When the bus driver heard me saying "Taylor Square, please", he said "just up the road" with his finger pointing just up the hill. He smiled and gave me back the gold coin. Thank you Mr Bus Driver! :D

After getting off the bus, walking for a few minutes and I found the restaurant. The waiter showed me my table and I settled myself in. Since we were down to 7 people instead of the original 8 people, we didn't have to order from the banquet. :) I read the menu and see if there is anything interesting that I would love to try!
The birthday boy passed the responsibility of ordering food for the night to the birthday girl. She chose the food for us for the night! Yeah... no need to think what to eat!!!
We started off with a dip plate. The dips are white bean, chickpea, beetroot, pumpkin and eggplant. The bread is grilled olive sourdough. A mixed variety of dips with lovely sourdough! :)
The baby spinach salad is mixed with roasted pumpkin, goats cheese, pine nuts and grilled red peppers.
The chickpea salad is covered with lots of manchego cheese. It mixed with cucumber, grilled peppers, Spanish onion and mints. It is a refreshing starter! :) So far so good!

The must order dish, grilled Spanish chorizo.
I have requested to let me take a photos before smashing the egg yolk onto the air dryed wagyu beef. It is quite tasty!
The dusted calamari with chilli and lime is just so nice...
Finally the paella valenciana is very tasty. The prawn and mussels brings the sweetness taste to the rice. It also mixed with lots of veggies, green peas and roasted peppers.
That was all we ordered so far... but still hungry and we asked for the menu and order more! We ordered a few Today Special and pan-fried haloumi.

We have saved ourselves from desserts. Since there is a cakeage, we decided to head to my friend's home to cut the birthday cake. It was also time to return the table, perfect timing!
Hope you two had a great night and happy birthday! :)

Cantina Bar & Grill
245 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst NSW
Phone 9357 3033
Opening hours: Daily from 6pm till late (Licensed till 2am)

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