Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Nutty Bread

Walked past Luneburger German Bakery and saw a quene waiting to buy their bread. Then the word "pretzel" was floating in my mind. So my legs walk towards the counter and see if there is any left... ohoh... there is last one still there! I waited anxiously hoping no one in front of me is buying that last one!! By the time I reached the counter and ready for someone to serve me, that last one is still there, hooray!!

I scanned my eyes across the back of the shelf and saw there are a few loaves of bread available... Wholemeal Rye Bread, Sunflower Seed Bread and Pumpkin Seed Bread... which one should I get... which one?? Thinking I still have a loaf at home in the freezer... oh well the one in the freezer is not yet ready to eat today... so I might as well buy a fresh one now to eat!! So I asked for both Pretzel and Pumpkin Seed Bread... yummy!! Happy with what I bought. :)

I cant resist the Pretzel sitting inside the brown paper bag, so I was muching it during my ride home. It was so nice and yummy... soft inside and a bit of chewy outside. Very satisfying.

Oh... now I have to avoid walking past this Bakery... and stop buying the Pretzel!!!

Luneburger German Bakery, Queen Victoria Building, Macquarie Centre, Miranda Westfield, Parramatta Westfield and Wynard Station.

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