Wednesday, March 16, 2011

March into Merivale - Bistrode CBD

We, foodie group, march into another Merivale restaurant, Bistrode CBD. We chose this for its relax environment. Since it is located at level 1, above the pub, CBD Bar, we have to climb a very interesting flight of staircase.
March into Merivale - Bistrode CBD
We scan through the daily changes menu and saw very interesting ingredients which they use. We chose an entree with crispy pig ears. They have thinly sliced the ears and I cant really see it is the ears. The ears make the salad more crunchy.
Black Sausage, Boiled Egg, Bacon and Crispy Pig Ears Salad
They served generous portion of the smoked salmon. It also thickly sliced. 
Smoked Salmon
When I saw lamb shank, without second thought, this is my main. I love lamb shank... just miss it so much! The meat just fall of the bone and it is so tender and rich in taste. The silky smooth potato puree soaking all the jus. I have almost licked the dish! 
Lamb Shank
Another interesting ingredient veal tongue. It likes silverside to me.
Veal Tongue
The other choice for the March into Merivale event is salmon and fennel salad.
Salmon and Fennel Salad
We always finish off with desserts, how can we miss them this time? Originally we want to order "Three Ices and a Madeleine". When we found out it is just three different type of sorbet, we change it to chilled fig and port soup. 
Chilled Fig and Port Soup
I had some worst experience with peanut butter sorbet before. Their peanut butter ice cream is nicely done and doesn't feel like as if you are eating out of the jar. The honey tart is not as sweet as I thought. The texture is really like soft honey. 
Honey Tart with Peanut Butter Ice Cream
When we saw a lot of glasses with lots of berries on top has been ordered by other tables, we cant stop ourselves from ordering one of them. This is by far the best dessert out of the previous two we ordered. It has a level of pink champagne jelly, custard, crumble and topped with varieties of berries.
Berry and Pink Champagne Jelly, and Oats Crumble
From our earlier experience, we look for alternate way to go down to the ground level. The alternate way is to catch a lift. It is not any better than the staircase! :p

March into Merivale is a special event which runs from 22nd February to 15th April.

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  1. Both entrees and mains look great! The ear sald sounds weird, but actually looks real yummy!