Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Tai Ping Koon Restaurant (太平館餐廳), Central, Hong Kong

While I am in Hong Kong, my family organised a reunion dinner. Since it is around Christmas, we would like to have Western food over Chinese food but with a bit of Chinese influence. Here we are at Tai Ping Koon Restaurant (太平館餐廳), which was found in 1860.
Menu with Background
Tai Ping Koon Restaurant is famous for its Swiss sauce chicken wings, baked Portuguese style chicken and roasted pigeon. I have been curious why does the sauce is called Swiss sauce. The menu has a bit of the explanation. Back in the early time, the waiters can speak limited English. When the patron asked what kind of sauce did they make these chicken wings, they said "Swiss" soy sauce, which is supposed to be "sweet" soy sauce. This is how the name Swiss sauce chicken wings has started.
Fluffy Soft Bread Roll
Enough of the background lesson, we should go back to decide what we should have? A lot of their famous dishes are included in their banquet menu, which included bread roll, entree, main, rice, dessert and tea or coffee. We can also order a la carte. Since the banquet included all the chef recommendation, each of us order different main... Christmas dinner, Banquet for Two and the standard banquet with different main.
Fruit Punch
Fruit punch is my favourite drink when I was young. May be I was allow to drink it once in a long while?
Borscht (羅宋湯)
The borscht uses tomato paste instead of beetroots with beef and lots of different veggies. Other soups which come with the banquet.
Birdnest Soup (燕窩湯)
Having birdnest soup... will I become more beautiful? hahahaha... Birdnest is basically tasteless. The chicken soup base is the main favour of this soup.
Prawn Soup (海龍皇湯)
The signature dishes come...
Swiss Sauce Chicken Wings
Roasted Young Pigeon
Baked Crab Meat in Shell
Roasted Leg of Pork

Baked Quail
All the dishes seems to be using the same dark soy sauce. But the taste of each dish is different. The level of sweetness and saltiness are different. The chef must correctly labelled each sauce is used for which dish. :p
Baked Portuguese Style Chicken
I wonder if I go to Portugal, can I find this dish? :p I would already know this answer. I am quite amaze how they can think of all these names where these places do not have these dishes, such Singaporean fried noodles, Mexican bread?
Beef Stroganoff
The beef stroganoff has been modified. But my Dad told me it is like this since he can remember. 
Baked Souffle
We finish off the meal with their famous Baked Souffle. We first thought it is about a bowl size souffle which can be easier share among us. But... when it arrives... it is bigger than my face! We are struggling to finish it all.
Ice Coffee

It was a great reunion dinner. I wonder when can we all sit down together to dine again? Happy to see everyone is very satisfying with a full stomach!!! :D

Tai Ping Koon Restaurant (太平館餐廳)
60 Stanley Street
Hong Kong

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