Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Old Thanh Huong Restaurant, Marrickville

Old Thanh Huong is my favourite restaurant during my university time. It is one of the restaurant which opens till late at night as well as close to university. Being a student, I prefer to have something quick and cheap. Of course it has to nice as well. ;)
Combination Beef Pho
The first thing which come to mind for Vietnamese food is Pho. This time I had the combination beef pho. Their soup has a strong beef favour, just love their soup. You can just slip the noodle into your throat. 
Beef Salad
Another favourite of mine is their beef salad. The semi-cooked beef with mint, basil, cucumber, tomato and lettuce. The tangy dressing made is a good choice for this hot summer day. Not to mention it comes with prawn crackers... may be this is the whole reason why I love this dish so much! :p
Grilled Chicken Banh Hoi
Banh hoi is my other choice if I do not want soup noodle. It is similar to salad type of noodle. Their banh hoi today stuck together and it needs skill to separate them. 
Banh Xeo
Their special banh xeo is a savory pancake which is filled with bean sprouts and meat. The crepe is very thin and crispy. This can be a very messy dish. You will wrap it with lettuce and dip into fish sauce and the fillings can fly off everywhere!

A recent re-visit to this restaurant brings back a lot of memory of the good old days. I am so glad that I am still being contacted with most of my university friends, despite some are working overseas.

Old Thanh Huong Restaurant
356 Illawarra Road
(02) 9558 0863

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