Monday, October 19, 2009

Hilton Sydney: Chocolate Assiette (Sugar Hit)

The long anticipated Sugar Hit at Hilton finally arrived. We were supposed to go there last week but this Sugar Hit is so good that they were fully booked. This time is also coincided with Tigger A & Cheeky B baptism celebration.
Glass Brasserie

Once our group has been settled down, the waiter came and check up whether we want to replace the Hennessy cognac with tea or coffee. Since I enjoy the cognac more than the tea or coffee, I did not want to replace it! :) First the cognac arrived, ohoh... just remembered that I have to drive so I cant drink the cognac. But I can only imagine how good the cognac taste like!! ;)
Hennessy Cognac

It did not take too long for the chocolate assiette to arrive... not sure if this is because I was busy taking photos and checking up the camera setting etc!
Chocolate Assiette

My first bite was the Earl Grey tea ice cream rolled in cookies and cream biscuit with white chocolate and pandan parfait. I don't know what's the word to describe it. The combination is just so brilliant!!!

Left: Earl Grey tea ice cream rolled in cookies and cream biscusit with white chocolate and pandan parfait; Right: Chocolate fondant

Then I was onto the raspberry marshmallow bitter chocolate fondue. I love bitter chocolate. The sourness of the fresh raspberry balances out the bitterness of the chocolate.
Raspberry marshmallow bitter chocolate fondue

Finally the chocolate fondant. This is the heaviest chocolate piece out of the three but it is also very nice. I was so melted in the chocolate. Arr... what a way to finish the night!!Once again, congratulation to Tigger A & Cheeky B on your baptism. Your testimony is really encouraging. Keep up with your good work!!

Side note: our group is more than 10 people and they have a 10% surcharge on the bill. Booking is essential. They serve the Sugar Hit from 9pm to 11pm.

Glass Brasserie
Level 2, Hilton Hotel, 488 George Street, Sydney NSW
Phone 02 9265 6068

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