Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sushi e (Let's Do Lunch)

Meeting Little S for the Let's Do Lunch. We have been to last year Sydney International Food Festival. We come back to try out others. Our first one this year is Sushi e which is located inside the Establishment Complex on George Street. I have been seated at the lounge for the Let's Do Lunch.

The Let's Do Lunch at Sushi e menu offers three choices: grilled lobster, wagyu beef and miso cod. However, we have all chosen the grilled lobster. It also included either a glass of wine or beer. Since I just came from a wet windy weather, I think a cup of hot green tea would be just nice! :D
Green Tea

May be we really want to go back to work, the food seems to take a long time to come... Finally the food arrived. After taking a few snaps and we all munching in...

Right balance of the mozzarella on the lobster which didn't cover the lobster tastes. The tomato is refreshing.
Complimentary Raspberry Panna Cotta

It also came with a complimentary raspberry panna cotta. What a nice way to finish the meal! :)

Sushi e
Level 4, 252 George Street, Sydney NSW
Phone (02) 92540 3000

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