Sunday, July 11, 2010

Marque, Surry Hills

After our previous Friday lunch outing, we cannot wait for another Friday lunch in one of the awarded restaurant... Marque!!! We made a booking about a week in advance and we can only managed to get a table at 2pm. You can imagine how popular is that restaurant!! When I was trying to open the door, the waiter was there to open it for me. What a service! :) The interior of the restaurant is mainly in black and would be lovelier when dine at night. 

 Marque Prix Fixe

We have a choice of prix fixe or a la carte. May be the a la carte menu is a lot larger and bolder than the fixed price menu, we have once thought to go for the a la carte! However, we ended up stick with our decision to come here for the fixed price menu! 

The amuse-bouche is beautifully crafted. Why I said that? It is because the chef has cut open the egg shell!! 
 Salted Cod Soup with Mullet Roe

It then followed with our entree. I personally found it was a bit salty. Chef Sam said may be they have used the salted cod? 
 Roasted Flank Steak with Toffeed Tuscan Red & Potato

The main is flank steak. It is juicy and tender. It is to my surprise for such a quality of the beef can be so wonderful! I must also mentioned that the variety of form and shape of potatoes on this dish is brilliant. At first, I thought the flat sheet is pasta. When I tasted it, the texture is so...... CRISPY and I have to ask the waiter what is it? It is such a surprise!!! 
 Caramelised Creme

Before the dessert, the caramelised creme... it's so... SMOOTH. It just melted in your mouth!
 Apple Crumble

We did not have much expectation on Apple Crumble, such an ordinary dish. When the waiter brought out the crumble, we thought what is this? Where is the apple crumble? This is surely the highlight of the meal! 
 Inside the Apple Crumble

The outer layer of white chocolate covered the apple mousse and the crumble is surrounded the "bomb". 

What a meal, full of surprises! No wonder Mark Best is awarded as the Chef of the Year by SMH Good Food Guide 2010. He has creativity and heart to his food. 

4/5 355 Crown Street
Surry Hills NSW 2010
(02) 9332 2225 

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