Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Miso, Sydney

When there is a long queue outside a restaurant, you will notice the restaurant and wondering why it is so good?? This is one the restaurant which take no booking and you have to sign in for your number to call. If you do not mind the wait, then it is a place where you will get value and quality of Teishoku. Teishoku come with your choice of main, miso soup and other small side dishes, such as pickle and salad.

I am meeting my friends at this restaurant around 8pm, glad that the queue is not too bad. It took us around half an hour before we have got our table for six of us. 

This restaurant offers three different teas, sencha, hoji cha and oolong tea. We have choosen the two different green tea, sencha and hoji cha to share among us.

 Chirashi Sushi & Tonkatsu Set

At that night I want a mix of sashimi and Tonkatsu so I have ordered a combo, Chirashi Sushi & Tonkatsu Set. The Tonkatsu is always cooked to perfection, not too oily! It also has a stand to maintain the crispiness.

 Chirashi Sushi & Wagyu Set

My friend ordered the Chirashi Sushi & Wagyu Set. I found the Wagyu is not as tender as it should be, but it's still nice. 

Unagi Bento

Another friend ordered the Unagi Bento. I am not a big fan of unagi (barbecued eel). It said their unagi is specially imported for this restaurant. I have not tried it but all my friends love their unagi.

Always very satisfying after their meal. Walking out the door with a big SMILE!! :)

*These photos were taken using my mobile phone

Shop 20, World Square Shopping Centre
644 George Street
Sydney NSW 2000
(02) 9283 9686

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