Friday, February 11, 2011

Sinma Laksa House, Kingsford

Finally I am eating in an Asian restaurant to celebrate Chinese New Year for this year. This is our favourite Singaporean/Malaysian restaurant, especially their Singaporean chili crab... yum yum! Since it is Chinese New Year, the restaurant has some banquets specifically for Chinese New Year. After checking up the dishes in the banquet menu, except for the yusheng which we are craving for, there are some other dishes which we are craving for is not included. So we go for a la carte. :)
Yusheng or Lo Hei

Yusheng or lo hei which is a traditional Chinese New Year dish. This is because of its name homophone to abundance, prosperity and vigor. It is a raw fish salad which consists of raw fish, salmon and king fish, shredded vegetables and various sauces. This is also a fun and messy dish. Everyone at the table will stand up and toss the shredded fishes, vegetables and sauce together. When we are tossing, we also say all the well wishes for the coming year. The higher we toss the better the year will come. :)
Yusheng or Lo Hei (after our tossing... what a mess!!)

Here comes our favourite Singaporean chili crab. This dish we normally will lick the plate before we give the dish back. They have mantou to dip the sauce, which is the best part of it. Of course, we have licked this plate as well!! :p 
Singaporean Chili Crab

As we have eight of us, we have ordered another crab. We were thinking to get the salty egg crab. Unfortunately, they do not have this one on the day. We then order the butter crab. Their butter crab is dried and it is not saucy. It similar to deep fried but without the oiliness to it. This is very tasty not a bad choice at all. Both crabs are fantastic for day. We have been using our hands and getting really messy for them!
Butter Crab
After these two crabs, we are getting full. But no no, our stomach can fit anything since it is Chinese New Year... or just an excuse? :p The butter prawn today is not as good as it used to be. The prawns are smaller in size. One good thing is their taste still good and we cant complain much about it. 
Butter Prawn

Another fruit and vegetable salad dish which we ordered is Penang rojak. The sauce is very thick and toffee like. It is not too sweet and balance out to the sourly taste of the granny smith apple which they used. It seems like the fried tofu is missing from our dish. 
Penang Rojak

One good thing of the Hainanese chicken is boneless which is good for the lazy people, like me! The chicken is very smooth and tender.
Hainanese Chicken

Lastly we have ordered a vegetable dish sambal kangkong. This is the spiciest dish out of all for the day. The sambal is very tasty and it goes well with our nasi goreng. 
Sambal Kangkong
Nasi Goreng
Wishing you all Kung Hei Fat Choi and a prosperous year of Rabbit!

Sinma Laksa House
391 Anzac Parade
Kingsford NSW 2032
(02) 9313 7663