Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tai Wing Wah Restaurant (大榮華酒樓), Yuen Long, Hong Kong

Everytime when I am in Hong Kong, I will try to make an expedition to Yuen Long for Yum Cha at Tai Wing Wah Restaurant (大榮華酒樓). Their dim sum is in traditional Hong Kong style. Nowadays, some of the dishes cannot be found at other restaurants. 
Tai Wing Wah Restaurant (大榮華酒樓)
This time I am there for afternoon tea. However, I still ordered their famous "chicken bowl" chicken. People will ask the waitress there, the chicken which is being serve in a chicken pattern bowl and they will know what you want. Its actual name is five taste chicken (圍頭五味雞). This chicken is very tasty and it is not like the ordinary soy chicken.
Five Taste Chicken (圍頭五味雞)
I have ordered their another signature dish, steam egg custard cake (奶黃馬拉糕). The standard one is normally without custard. This is really fluffy and it is not too sweet at all. I guess the sweetness has been adjusted to suit Hong Kong locals.
Steamed Egg Custard Cake (奶黃馬拉糕)
Other traditional dim sum I have ordered are steamed fish head with black bean and chili, stuffed hairy melon as well as steamed dace fish ball. Their fish head is so fresh which did not have fishy taste. Another favourite of mine is the stuffed hairy melon. I will order dace fish ball wherever I saw it on the menu. This time their one is steamed. The dried tangerine peel expanded the dace fish taste.
Steamed Fish Head with Black Bean & Chili (蒸魚雲)
Stuffed Hairy Melon (釀節瓜)
Steamed Dace Fish Ball (鯪魚球)
This time I did not have time to sample a lot of their dishes. If I ever go back again, I will sample a lot more!


Tai Wing Wah Restaurant
2/F, Koon Wong Mansion
2-6 On Ning Road
Yuen Long, Hong Kong

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