Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Bentley Restaurant and Bar, Surry Hills

My aunt from overseas is visiting and would like to bring her to somewhere nice to eat. I remember I read an article saying there are restaurants created GFC buster lunch menu and there is one which is also available on Saturday. Bentley is the one! I have confirmed with them whether they still have the special on a Saturday when I did the booking.
Bentley Restaurant and Bar
It was a quiet Saturday afternoon not many tables are there. It will be our quiet lunch and we have many to catch up!
Sourdough with Olive Oil
One good thing about the fixed menu is that you don't have to think what to eat and you can try everything. ;)
Octopus with Almond and Garlic
The octopus is tender. It is cooked to perfection. I like how they used almond to add another element to this dish.
Pumpkin Custard with Pumpkin Seed and Goat Curd
The pumpkin custard is silky smooth. It will be a lot easier for me if I have combined the seeds and custard to eat together! :p
Poached Kingfish with Fennel Puree, White Funghi and Lemon
It is interesting to see they have used white funghi in this dish. I normally have it in my soup which I love.
Pork Belly with Wattle, Garlic Milk and Rhubarb
Again they have used another type of funghi in this dish. The pork belly is in bite size and you can hear the crackling sound in your mouth. Another interesting found is the garlic milk. It is like a flat sheet of coating.
Caramelised Pineapple with Barley Cream and Beer Sorbet
The beer sorbet has a mild beer taste to it which blended the sweetness in the pineapple. Should I have a beer afterwards?

It is a very enjoyable lunch and my aunt like my choice of this restaurant.

Bentley Restaurant and Bar
320 Crown Street
Surry Hills NSW
(02) 9332 2344

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