Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Counter, Crows Nest

When I was given the menu, I felt like I am about to start a questionnaire! :O There are so many choices.It took me awhile to read through what do they offer. 


Step 1, choose your patty, size and whether on a bun or plate. Step 2, choose your cheese... there is a lot of variety. Step 3, choose your toppings (up to 4). This is the fun part... so many different topping you can choose... this took us awhile to choose the best combination! :) Step 4, choose the sauce... it is not just tomato or mustard. There is at least more than 10 type! Finally, choose your bun. There is over 5 different buns. ;O The waiter comes to us quite often to ask if we are ready. hahahaha... We didn't wait for long for our custom build burger to come. Here are are creations. 

 Version 1

Version 2
 Version 3

We also ordered the Fifty Fifty which chose half onion rings and chips. It completed the meal. :D
The "fifty fifty"

The Counter

118 Willoughby Road
Crows Nest NSW 2065
(02) 9436 2700

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