Friday, September 17, 2010

Olio, St Leonards

What's attractive me about this cafe is their coffee... Kopi Luwak. This coffee is made of coffee berries which have been eaten by Asian Palm Civet, then pass through its digestive system. Hence I called it "cat poo" coffee... hahahaha...

Since I am having an early dinner close by, so I can try out this long waited coffee. :D However, the cafe closes at 9pm, we have to rush in before it closes. Lucky that the waiter let us in. 

We quickly settle ourselves and order our drinks. 

Brochure at the Cafe explaining what's Kopi Luwak

When the waiter passes me the coffee, the aroma goes through my nose. It smells so good!!! The waiter explains to me how I should taste it. There is a sparkling water with lime & ginger to raise my palate. It also comes with a petite four with a hint of ginger. 

 Kopi Luwak

After my sparkling water, my first sip of it reminded me as if I am drinking herbal tea. It is so strong. I have a bite to the brown sugar provided. The second sip I can taste it. It is silky smooth and without the bitterness. I really enjoy it!!! Now need to plan for my weekend brunch. :D

Shop 1, The Forum
St Leonards Station
Sydney NSW 2065

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