Saturday, August 22, 2009

Brunch inside an Art Gallery at Envy Cafe & Gallery, Summer Hill

This is another one which I can finally say "I have tried it!". It was sometimes ago we were suppose to meet up at this little cafe, but our group has expanded from a couple of people to 15-20 odd people. We have to changed our plan as this cafe cannot accommodate such a large group at that time. This time we have been so specific to limit ourselves with only a SMALL group. So here I come Envy Cafe & Gallery!!! ;)
We arrived here nice an early to ensure we will get a table. This cafe was right next to a Council carpark (2 hours free parking). When I was parking my car, I saw a ranger checking up on car registration and taking photos of the car which may be over the parking limit. So in the back of my mind... I have to make sure that I will finish within the 2 hours!!!

One of my friend has arrived and got ourselves a table indoor. It was like an Art Gallery where the walls are full of paintings as well as on the floor. We read through the menu thoroughly and making sure we dont miss out on anything interest! :) Then we realised that there are Blackboard Special.
A waitress came to take our orders for drinks, while we were still deciding what to have. We were looking around what's everyone else having.

It didnt take long for our drinks to arrive and we are ready to order our food! We planned to have different food for each one of us, so that we can all have a chance to shoot the food!!
Mixed Berries Frappe
First the Woodfired Toast with roast tomato, goat's cheese, basil and olive tapenade arrives. I was thinking should I get this, as there is goat's cheese in it... not sure if the taste is really strong? When I put the toast in my mouth... yes I can taste the goat... but not as strong as I thought. It was acceptable and the combination of all is very nice! :)
Woodfired Toasts

The "Today Special", Ham Benedict arrives. Combining the egg york and hollandaise sauce, the whole thing is just like melt in your mouth. It was so devine!

Ham Benedict

The Toasted ciabatta with scramble eggs, smoked salmon, rocket and dill creme frachie is just so big and tasty!!!

Toasted ciabbatta

The good old BLT is the last to arrive. The Turkish bread was just toasted just right! The lettuce and bacon was so cripsy.


Oh... what a way to start a good sunny winter weekend!

Envy Cafe & Gallery

109 Smith Street, Summer Hill NSW
Phone: (02) 9797 1668
Opening hours: Weekdays 6:30am - 6:00pm; Saturday 6:30am - 5.00pm; Sunday 7.00am - 4.00pm

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