Monday, August 17, 2009

Chilling at Kobe Jones

I was there for a friend's birthday. I havent been to Kobe Jones for awhile so it will be a good time to review an old favourite. It was a Monday night. The restaurant was not very pack and busy. In fact it was quiet, half of the restaurant is not full. Not sure why the food and drinks came out in such a chilling way?? We were sitting on the balcony with the Darling Harbour view. We can see the Star City from our side. We were joking the birthday girl should choose her cocktail "All Day Gambler". hehehehe... We carefully read the menu and pick our own main then shared a Spider Roll.

Our drinks arrived, majority of us ordered the $5 "warm" green tea and tastes like the tea leaves has been re-used so many times!! Basically it was tasteless. :(

First my order arrived, Anago Scallops (The waitress has already told me it only has 3 pieces would that be enough? but then I was not hungry so I thought it's ok). But the scallops were soggy and cold... I wonder were they pre-cooked... the chef in the kitchen just put all the food nicely on the plate??? Remember this dish is one of the Kobe Signature Dishes!!!! This is such a wrong choice!!!!
Anago Scallops (Signature Dish)

The Spider Roll came 2nd... it only has 6 pieces of thinly sliced sushi on the plate.

Spider Roll

Then the Green-Tea Salmon and Chicken Teriyaki Roulade came. Although the Green-Tea Salmon is a 6-hour cold smoked seared smoked, this dish is also served luke warm!! (This one is also the Kobe Signature Dishes)

Green Tea Salmon (Signature Dish)

Out of the 3 mains, the best is Chicken Teriyaki Roulade, at least it is not just luke warm!! The serving is more reasonable!!

Chicken Teriyaki Roulade

How can we finish the meal without any dessert, so we chose their famous dish, Ama Ozen. This is a tasting plate of all their BEST desserts. May be the desserts should be cold, so this is the best dish out of the whole night!!
Ama Ozen

For charging such a premium for the dishes and drinks and serving them luke warm... ummm??? Lucky they are in the Entertainment Book and we received a 25% discount... otherwise it is not worth the experience!!! Actually quite disappointed. :(

Kobe Jones
29 Lime Street, King Street Wharf, Sydney NSW
Phone: 9299 5290
Opening Hours: Lunch Monday to Friday 12.00pm to 3.00pm; Dinner 365 days a year from 6.00pm

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