Sunday, August 30, 2009

From Peking Duck to Seafood Feast...

Thanks to the advertisment and reading one of my favourite food blog, Eve Loves, I would love to try the peking duck at Beverley Hills one day!! In order to try a few variety of food, I must organise a large group to go. This day has finally come. I was so looking forward to the peking duck dinner! :)

When I was driving to Beverley Hills, my friend called, she forgot to change the booking time with the restaurant and the table has been cancelled!!! (Initially we were planning to go there an hour earlier) Oh no more peking duck for the night!!! Where shall we go?? Apart from the peking duck, we have also talked a lot about when is our lobster feast, so we went to our usual seafood restaurant at Beverley Hills.

I was quite lucky to find a car space located behind the restaurant... no need to walk too far to my car... yeah! Reading the menu and "Today Special", we found that the price for lobster at that night was way too expensive, comparing to previous time. After checking with the waitress the Seafood Combo, Mud Crab & Coral Trout. The price is for just under 2kg mud crab and just under 1kg coral trout which is good size to steam. We thought it is reasonable and go for this Seafood Combo, plus noodles (saang mein) with the mud crab. We can picked the way they cook the mud and we chose ginger and shallot. We have also ordered the Black Goat Hotpot (one of the favourite dish for winter).
The waiter showed us the fish and the mud crab before taking them to the kitchen. The fish was so fresh that it's almost going to jump out of the plastic bag!!! I was so looking forward to taste the mud crab and coral trout. I havent had a seafood meal for awhile.

First they served us the mud crab with noodles. We cant wait to grab hold of the claws of the mud crab but my friend reminded me to take photos! :p You can taste the freshness of the crabs and the noodle infused with all the favour of the crabs. Argh... so happy! :)

Ginger & Shallot Mud Crab

When we were almost finishing the crab, the fish arrived. It is better to eat the steam fish when it is still hot. They cooked the fish just right, it's not over or under cook! The taste of the fish is just so sweet. We have quickly killed off the fish... even the fish head, fin and tail!!!

Steam Coral Trout

By the time the Black Goat hotpot arrives, we were almost full. It also comes with a very large dish of vegies, which you can cook in the hotpot, and dipping sauce, tofu cheese (腐乳). The goat meat and tofu cheese goes well with each other (It can be very salty if uses a lot).

Black Goat in Hot Pot with Vegies

We were struggling to finish all the food. Since we dont want to waste anything, we stuffed ourselves in with more and more! As most Chinese restaurants come with complimentary dessert & fruits, can I stuff more food in?? I love this restaurant's dessert, bitter melon & sago jelly, I have to eat it!! This dessert is invented by them as I didnt have this anywhere else.

Bitter Melon & Sago Jelly

Although didnt have the peking duck as planned, but still happy with a delicious seafood meal!! Life should be full of suprises! :D

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