Sunday, August 23, 2009

Claypot Rice 煲仔飯

After a 4 hours plus make up trial for my friend's wedding, so we decided not going to cook dinner and dine out somewhere.

My friend thought of the ad from the Chinese pay TV. Based on its ad, it has 3 branches in Melbourne and now expanding to Sydney, one in Campsie and the one we tried is at Hurstville. It is nice to have something warmth! As we were getting very hungry, without thinking too much we drove there straight away!

Lucky enough we were able to find a parking near the restaurant. Since we were there early around 6pm, we were seated straight away. The menu has 4 catagories, Soup, Claypot Rice, Noodles and Desserts. Bascially we have choosen one from each catagories. Each of us has ordered our own soup. This is the soup I have choosen.
Dried scallop & watercrest stewed with duck's kidney soup
We ordered the main to share amongst ourselves to sample a few different things. :) Claypot rice is rice cooks in the claypot first then added the other ingredient to cook. We have choosen three different type of claypot rice. These claypot rice arrived at our table and it's still piping hot. You can see the steam out of them! It's just so nice to have these in a cold winter night.
Chinese sausage with rice
Salty fish and pork patty with rice
Preserved chinese raddish and fish fillet with rice
We have also ordered a seaweed & prawn ball with vermicelli noodle soup. The prawn balls are handmade and it has the prawn taste. I cant put any word to describe them!
Seaweed & prawn ball with vermicelli noodle soup
We then finished off with 2 desserts, durian dessert and black seasame dessert. What a way to finish a day!

By the time we finished, the restaurant was very packed and some tables have already turned over for another group of diners. Not a bad choice afterall! :D

First Taste
316 Forset Road, Hurstville NSW
Phone (02) 8065 2178

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